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Is Cystitis Dangerous?

Cystitis imageCystitis is not a dangerous disease if treated properly. But if not, it will recurrent and make another complications for your both kidneys such as Pyelonephritis or worsening to be a Chronic Renal Failure.

Cystitis is generally suffered by women because of any inflammatory process in the urinary bladder. The sufferer of this disease will often feel to urinate while going going back from toilet.

Some of the symptoms are like back pain in the lower area, blood urine, feel burning sensation and so on. Of course, cystitis will influence your work or performance in the office.

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How to Protect Children from X-Ray Radiation

Children x-ray protection imageX-ray radiation protection for children is very important thing in Hospital or Clinic especially at Radiology Department. Safety First is the basic principle that must be implemented in real examination.

The parents who bring their children to do diagnostic test will be happy due to the perfect of x-ray radiation protection. Children can involve in some examinations related to x-ray machines such as General X-ray, Panoramic, Dental x-ray, Cephalometry, CT-Scan, etc.

Special treatments for children is a must because they have more radiation risks that adult. Why? Because children have young cells and soft tissue which still in growing process. It has much water content inside the body and more risk for damage.

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Mother’s Chest Pain

Chest Pain ImageChest pain can be suffered by anybody including your mother. Most of you will feel that every chest pain cause is from heart attack, but it’s not totally wrong.

To decide whether the chest pain is from heart attack or others must be detected by diagnostic tools such as physical test, medical record history, chest x-ray, CT-Scan or MRI, laboratory analysis, ECG (Echo Cardiography), etc.

Every symptom related to your chest pain should be faced in high attention because it’s sometimes dangerous for your live. Some of people need emergency treatment if suddenly suffering of chest pain.

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Next Risks After Hypertension

Hypertension Risk imageHypertension is a disease to be avoided by everyone because it can bother your job at home or office. The simple step to go down hypertension fast and naturally is going to bed with supine or lay down position for 15 up to 30 minutes in relax condition.

Your heart is a life time machine that takes a rest if works overloaded. Love him if not, you will get trouble and illness or may be deathly attacked. I just to inform you that after getting hypertension or high blood pressure, there are some next risks that follow it.

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HSG Test imageEvery new couples who build asĀ  a new family hope a child birth as soon as possible. The presence of baby would make a happier life in the family including mother, father, grandpa, grandma and also the relatives.

I do understand for mother’s feeling if she hasn’t got a baby after getting marriage for long time.

What is HSG Test?

HSG (HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAPHY) is a special test using x-ray radiation to check any abnormality like fallopian tubes blocking in both sides or partial organ. This primary test is to see any infertility in secondary causes.

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Chronic Cough Treatment

Chronic Cough imageCoughing is very common for people, but chronic cough should be suspected as a problem. Chronic cough is not a disease but it’s a symptom or a sign of something wrong inside your body.

There is a disease that causes of chronic cough. Please be careful if you suffer the symptom like this. Some people will take flu drugs to decrease chronic cough and it’s better to check if it attacks you more than 2 weeks.

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Preventing Back Pain At Work

Back Pain at WorkMost people who work at home, office or outdoor area have ever felt back pain in just temporary or permanently. Backache usually spreads from neck region up to tail of the back spines.

Many causes of back pain that you don’t realize at work is the most common problem in nowadays. As long as the back pain doesn’t disturb their work activities, they ignore this problem. “Oh.. it’s only a muscle, doesn’t matter!”.

Multiple causes of back pain at work like small incident or injury, falling down, over burden of work, sitting position, any infection inside or maybe ligament or muscle problems. Unergonomic position is the most common of many worker complaints.

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