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Information of Thyroid or Neck Ultrasound

Info of thyroid or neck ultrasoundIf you have a problem with your neck area or painful within your neck, your Doctor will recommend you to do ultrasound or sonogram. This test is the only one of diagnostic tools to perform your problem. The other tests are like CT-Scan, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or Nuclear scan.

Ultrasound is a painless procedure using transducer with high frequency to result of images base of thyroid or neck organs. Every normal and abnormal organ will be evaluated and analyzed by this machine. Ultrasound gel is used to perform transducer probe and shown by computer monitor.

Every tool has the advantages to check your thyroid or neck. MRI is good to evaluate the size and shape of thyroid or other organs within your neck. CT-Scan is appropriate to diagnose a goiter or thyroid nodules and nuclear scan is qualified to check thyroiditis, graves’s disease or multi nodular.

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The Functions of Breast Ultrasound

Function of breast scanningWomen who have ages more than 30s should check their breast condition as breast cancer screening or other abnormalities.

Any focal symptoms also which you should concern like unusual lump, or pain on the breast and axillary regions.

Breast ultrasound is one of the medical diagnostic tools that you can choose because it proved as 95% sensitivity for cancer or other diseases detections. Tumors, lump, cyst, lymphadenopathy are also effective to be identified.

Breast ultrasound is to be the first choice because, it’s invasive procedure (just little pressing the skin and not pierced) and quick image result. The other advantages, it can access blood flow with color Doppler ultrasound inside the breast and not using of x-ray radiation.

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Ultrasound is to Diagnose Health Disorders

Ultrasound for health disordersUltrasound is the same function with x-ray to diagnose health disorders for the patients. X-ray is using radiation exposure but ultrasound is really safe because it’s not using radiation.

This device uses high frequency sound waves to produce some images of patient’s body internal organs.

Ultrasound or well-known as Sonography is very important machine in detecting many diseases and abnormality within abdomen, pelvic, extremities, thyroid, head, soft-tissue, testicles, breast and the other regions of the body.

Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound is commonly option to be checked by Doctor or Specialist to ensure the organs are healthy without diseases such as liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, urinary bladder, uterus and both adnexa for female patient and prostate for male patient. Combination test with laboratory is the good solution to get the right diagnosis.

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Ultrasound of testicular cancer and male genital areaTesticles are the important organ of men to produce sperm. Many diseases or abnormalities can happen in this organ like cyst, inflammation, cancer, tumor and so on. Scrotum and testicles are parts of soft tissue organ under the pelvic area. Cancer on the testicles is the disease that avoided by the men because it influences the coitus process and makes it painful.

Ultrasound or ultrasonography is one of the best tools for detecting cancer on the testis. The picture on the monitor of computer is from reflection of the waves by scrotum and testicles. The images of cancer is very specific like coiled long tube tightly due to projection of the back of the both testicles. Sonogram can also observe of the vas deferens and sperm or collected epididymis that connected with prostatic glands to the testicles.

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Ultrasound to Detect Pancreas Problems

Pancreas ultrasound to detect some diseasesPancreas is the organ within the abdomen located in the upper area with oblique position. The main pancreatic duct at its center. Pancreas is divided into 3 parts : head, body and tail. Anterior part of pancreatic head on the gastric antrum and duodenal bulb and also inferior vena cava in the posteriorly. Tail of pancreas is located anterior of left kidney with splenic hilum near its tip. Pancreatic tail in the posterior body of stomach and splenic flexura of large intestine.

Ultrasound is one of the best tool to detect pancreas problems with transverse and longitudinal scanning. If it’s difficult, Radiologist or Sonographer will change the patient in erect position. Sometimes, supine position will make panceras body overlapping with gastric angle. Meanwhile, standing position is better to visualized pancreas if patient drinks some water 300-500 ml. For weakness patient, sitting position is to be another alternative to get good images of ultrasound.

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Baby ultrasound is SafeNew baby is the special bonus from God for the family in the world. Female who got pregnant after positive testing in the Laboratory would run several further tests and examinations as long as examined by Gynecologist or Obstetrician. That’s a general steps to obtain the healthy, safe and normal baby.

Besides happy feeling, there are also the stressful times and need additional cost for forthcoming period. Prenatal is the important time to prepare everything to get the best result. You must be ready for more than 9 months by checking-up until getting progress report from your Doctor.

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What is 4D Ultrasound For?

4D Ultrasound Image4D ultrasound is commonly associated with most mothers who get pregnancy but for your additional info that the machine can also be used to check another parts of the body such as neck sonography, abdomen, soft tissue areas, upper and lower extremities with conventional or Doppler system.

Baby within the uterus is the main target for 4D ultrasound equipment. Almost Developed countries has been installed in their Hospitals or Clinics to improve a quality of their service to the patients. Of course especially dedicated to mother’s satisfaction.

What is 4D Ultrasound For

1. This machine is using an advanced innovative technology from 2D and 3D ultrasound with beautiful, good quality and detailed pictures.

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How to Detect and Treat Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid Cancer Treatment and DetectionFor your info that thyroid cancer case in very rare in the Hospital or Clinic in the place that I work. Initially, thyroid cancer is from tumor that grow in abnormal cells and uncontrollable within gland regions.

If you are pain and feel  uncomfortable  on the neck area should be checked as soon as possible. If there is something wrong like nodule or tumor, can be treated efficiently in early stage.

I think thyroid cancer is not a common abnormality and can occur to everybody with unclear reasons. This disease can attack to anybody both female and male. We must minimize the less negative impacts as we can.

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Ultrasound is Important for Young Girls

Young Girls UltrasoundAs a mother who has daughters around 10 – 20 years should check them for ultrasound or scanning. Young girls or teenagers are usually not respect with their health. School activities, extracurricular task and friendship have made them unaware about their health complaints.

We never know what they did, drank and consumed everyday if they stay outside of home.

Why should you check young girls for ultrasound?

1. To make sure that your beloved teenagers are really save and healthy from any disease and abnormality such as cancer, tumor, obstruction, fibroids, etc.

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What is Doppler Ultrasound?

Doppler Ultrasound ImageMother who visit the Hospital and have requisition letter from her Doctor to do Doppler Ultrasound. She will ask me “What is Doppler Ultrasound?”.

Some of them are very familiar with ultrasound test due to pregnancy ultrasound, but others are also still confuse what Doppler ultrasound for. Ultrasound in term is the sound waves of frequencies exceeding the range of human hearing. Doppler it self is a little bit innovations in clinical practice.

The power of Doppler Ultrasound is better agents for anatomy, measurement of tissue perfusion and precise delivery mechanism of soft tissue in color images.

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What is Abdominal Ultrasound For?

Abdominal Ultrasound

To uphold an accurate diagnosis, Doctor/Specialist usually send the patient for doing ultrasound especially Abdominal ultrasound. If the the Operator of Ultrasonography has 3 criterias, I’m sure that the accuracy of diagnosis is 99%.

Before sending you to ultrasound, you must be fasting about 6 hours before examination. No food but can be plain water. It purposes to make your gall bladder size is enlarged, so we can see the problem inside easily. Your urinary bladder should be full of water. Any abnormality is only seen if the urinary bladder is full. To make it smoothly, patient is recommended to drink the water 30 minutes in advance, but keep holding it not to urinate until examination done.

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