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sinusitis causes, effects and treatmentsIs sinusitis easy to be detected? Yes.. if you knew the symptom and how to check it. The symptom is commonly similar with flu. Some people will take medicine by their self to cure it before seeing to the Doctor or ENT Specialist.

The normal sinuses like frontal, maxillary, sphenoid, ethmoid filled by the air and located in the nasal area. These organs can be attacked by inflammation and irritation.

When the disease is still exist and bother the daily activities, they usually will see the Medical Specialist. The patient will be checked in several steps to make sure it is really common flu or sinusitis.

The steps are follow:

  1. Physical examination to see the nose and upper respiratory system.
  2. Laboratory test to detecting the infection process within the body.
  3. Chest x-ray to make sure whether the effect is from sinus area or chest and trachea region.
  4. Sinus x-ray is to check any sinusitis or other abnormalities.
  5. Another diagnostic tools checking like CT Scan and MRI
  6. Rynoscopy or Endoscopy will be performed by Otorhinolaringologist (Sinusitis Specialist) to visualize and access the anatomy and function.

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What to Do if Your Lumbar Spine Pain

about Lumbar spine pain problemsWe have back spine from neck/cervical, thoracal, lumbar, sacral up to coccygeus bones. The position of lumbar spine is in the lower area of the back. 30% of the people feel of back spine problems.

Most of them caused by spur formation, slipped disc, spondylosis, osteolisthesis, traumatic condition and lumbar abnormality like scoliosis, lordosis or kyphosis.

How to diagnose lumbar spine pain.

–         CAT scans, electromyogram (EMG) and another tool is Discography.

–         Most of patient and people will do MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for the trusted method of diagnostic tools.

Below are the advantages of using MRI:

  1. It can check the musculoskeletal system thoroughly.
  2. It has high resolution imaging of anatomy vertebral bodies and spaces up to nerve, disc and spinal cord.
  3. It has been clearly view of the lower part of lumbar vertebra.
  4. It can detect and assess congenital problems, joint narrowing and spinal/nerves compression.
  5. It can detect of spinal cord inflammation and compression fracture.

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Lung Cancer is Dangerous Disease

Lung Cancer DiseasesLung cancer is one of dangerous cancer types nowadays because of their cells abnormalities. Human body with the normal unit of cells will be kept in checking and balancing by the system to make the cells growth in order and divided to produce fresh cells. It’s necessary for new cells and human body system.

Any disrupted of the cells growth will result of propagation and unrestrained of cells unit and then finally forms to be a mass or tumor. If this type is called benign, it can be removed and does not scatter to other organs of the body but if its malignancy tumor; it will grow and attack to other parts of the body.

The organs system which’s being attacked is like bloodstream, lymphatic system, soft tissue region and other parts of the body. Spreading of this tumor cells is known as metastasis. An extreme threatening malignancy will make a difficult to be treated.

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How to Handle if Bitten and Stings by Snakes

handling if biten and sting by snakesSnakes are the reptiles which are usually found in the grass, rocky outcrops, under or in the logs dense vegetation, in the leaf, in dense of iron & plastic and also along river. They need the sun to heat their body and hide in the afternoon for cooling down.

Some of snake species will be active during the day, night or in hot weather. Most of them are dangerous animals because they are defense character and will attack you if provoked. They usually do not attack if not threatened. For your notice that they are venomous animals.

Million people are bitten by snakes each year. Many of them die, getting amputation or permanently disabled. Actually not all snakes are venomous but we should be careful because of significant bites. A bite of snakes will take you to emergency medical treatment because they can cause bleeding, paralysis, kidney failure, muscle damages, soft tissue destruction or maybe death.

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How to Prevent and Reduce Pneumonia Disease Safely

How to reduce pneumonia disease safelyPneumonia is one of the diseases within the chest organ like Bronchitis and specific process which can make the death if not treated properly. This disease has been spreading especially in Developing and Poverty Countries.

Hygiene practices, air pollution, bad environment and infection spreading are the factors to cause pneumonia to be getting worse.

Most of pneumonia is caused by bacteria –Streptococcus pneumonia (pneumococcus) and spreading by viral which commonly – influenza, respiratory syncytial viruses and parainfluenza. The other bacteria or viral that can cause pneumonia are like  adenovirus and staphylococcus.

People call this disease as pneumonia or bronchopneumonia that as infection of the lung and usually caused by viruses or bacteria. Actually this disease can be prevented and treated in proper steps. There is mild stage up to severe attacks to people or patients in all ages.

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Awareness of Breast Cancer Starting Now

Be aware of Breast CancerBreast cancer is the dangerous disease for the women besides uterine cancer. Base on the World Health Organization (WHO) data, there are millions of people death due to breast cancer every year.

Developing countries have suffered more than developed countries because of better medical treatment and awareness of better health life.

Women should be aware about their breast condition. The older of their age will increase of the breast cancer risk. Breast health knowledge and regular check up are very important to anticipate the worse impact of breast cancer.

This disease can be treated if detected in early stage. Below is the medical diagnostic equipment for detecting the breast cancer:

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Complete Info of blocked carotid arteriesAre blocked carotid arteries really dangerous? Yes of course if it’s not treated well. This disease will have impact of significantly risk of stroke, brain damage and suddenly death.

Stroke alone have killed most people in the world like heart disease. The older people have the higher risk of the stroke and a leading cause of elderly disability.

There are some symptoms of blocked carotid arteries such as:

1. Early symptom is mini stroke that caused by insufficient oxygenated blood to the brain. It’s important to doing regular medical check-up to help detect deterioration of carotid arteries function.

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Complete Info of COPD Diseases

How to Handle COPD DiseasesCOPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the illness that becomes dangerous worldwide in the nowadays.

There are two kinds of COPD suffered by the people such as Bronchitis and Emphysema. Both of them attack respiratory tract.

These diseases can damage your lung and airways with feeling of difficult to catch the breathing. Chronic Bronchitis can occur if the bronchial tubes are inflamed or the airways clogged by the mucus or inflammation. Meanwhile Emphysema occurs in the lungs when the small air sacs are destroyed or cannot absorb air.

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GallBladder Abnormality without Stone Inside

Gall-bladder Problem with no stone insideGall bladder is the small organ that located down of the liver which holding the bile to remove water and also to decrease the pH less than 7. The contour of this organ is like pear about 8 cm in diameter. Gall bladder can construct base on the fat digestion.

Gall stones is also called Cholelithiasis that caused by cholesterol build-up with addition of calcium bilirubate. It’s vulnerable attacked due to inflammation process.

The problems of gallbladder are not only from stone but also from other diseases like:

Cholecystitis : The inflammatory process within the gall bladder or bile duct

– Gall bladder can suffer from diseases because of fairly dry inside due to an age, diabetes, pregnancy stage, pancreatitis/pancreas problems, chirrocis, obesity factor and hormonal contraception.

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Info of Deep Vein ThrombosisDVT is also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis and usually attacking on the legs of the people. This condition happen because the blood clot (Thrombus) on the 1 or more veins within the lower extremities.

Actually this disease is dangerous if not treated properly because it can cause very painful in your legs and sometimes makes clot without symptoms.

Common Causes of Deep Vein Thrombosis:

1. If you sit down in one position for long time. This can occur if you do traveling by your car, plane or train.

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How to Prevent Neck Pain Effectively!

How to prevent neck pain effectivelyNeck spine is part of your back spine. The power of neck spine is more weakness compare with another spines like Thoracal, Lumbal, Sacral and Coccygeus spines,  so you must be careful about the risk of fracture or abnormality.

For your notice that neck vertebre containing 7 bones which stabilized by ligaments and muscles function for moving. Neck is so fragile or easily broken if you do not treat it properly.

There are some causes of back pain :

1. Trauma or injury that attacking your neck area

Trauma is commonly caused by car or motor accident, sport or working accidents and playing ground or equipment for children. Damage that happens can occur on disc joint, ligaments, and nerve system or muscles parts. The injury of neck can accelerate for your head on forward or backward.

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Direct Effects of Scoliosis to Your Life!

Direct Effects of ScoliosisScoliosis becomes trouble for your life if disturbing you on working and daily activities. There is one method to manage your scoliosis by measuring its degree.

If you are taking Chest x-ray, please tell to your Doctor or Radiologist to measure the spines’ degree. It’s to be your medical record for your future if you will control again.

Chest radiograph should be changed to bony structure first before measuring by Radiologist. 10 Degree or less is classified as Mild Scoliosis. 10-20 Degree is classified as Moderate Scoliosis and more than 20 degree is classified as Severe Scoliosis.

If you feel more painful for several years latter, it’s a sign that Scoliosis becomes more trouble for your life.

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