Grab Extra Cash While Blogging at Home

I’m sure that most of the readers of my blog are not only looking for a useful article but also to get information how to earn money while blogging from home. This way is very convenience and relatively easy if supported by health blog.

Base on My Personal Experience

Before deciding to be a blogger last year, I have been working as Medical Practitioner for more than 18 years. Get started in the 1st 6 months is a difficult time for me. All efforts, energy, money, time and learn basic skills were really made me headache. All my hard works without a penny.

“No Pain No Gain” is true. To replace my expenses of buying domain, hosting, monthly fee of internet access and so on, I took decision to monetize my blog. I browsed and bought some books from bookstore to learn how to make money fast and easy. No shortcut to get big money. Patience and hard-work are still the right answer.

Some ways I have tried to make money online via my blog like :

1. Commission from Amazon Affiliates.

2. Google Ads

3. Sell Clickbank Products

4. Shareasale

5. Text link Ads

6. Others

Process of sign-up up to approval and Test them one by one took my time but no appropriate money I got. Beside I tested them on my health blog, I also tested them on my other websites. Something that I love them is, I am free to put and tweak them appropriate to my desire.

To keep my spirit in blogging although the money is still far, I’m consistent to update content, answer the reader’s comments and always change my blogs looks professional and “perfect”.

Finally, I found a free health affiliate program that offer me a lot of advantages and significant money from home, that is sellhealth. They sell tangible products but keep givingĀ  the affiliate with high commission between 30%-50% for every product sold. At first, I didn’t believe it, then I sign-up to be affiliate to prove it’s really true or not.

Many advantages I got after to be an affiliate on sellhealth such as:

1. By sell health products, commission I got is really good reward compared with my efforts.

2. Sellhealth offers the complete affiliate tools and support team. They are ready to help me anytime if I found the obstacle during promoting their products.

3. Navigation system of affiliate website is simple and easy although for Newbie or Beginner.

4. Wide variation of product you promote. You can choose many options that suitable with your website topic or targeted. They offer products of men’s health, weight loss, anti aging, women’s health, skin care, hair product or sexual health.

5. Their products are safe and proven so the conversion rate is high.

6. You can also choose payment system that related to your needs. By check, wire transfer, epassporte or ACH (US only), it’s up to you. Affiliate payment is made a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

7. Sign-up is FREE.

To join with them is real free. You just fill the simple form and waiting 1-2 days for review process and approval.

For your notes that more than 60% of people who use search engine is to browse and find health information, so this is your big chance to get significant money.

I think this is the “Shortcut” that worked for me and I’m sure that it can also work for you.

Don’t worry if you find a difficulty during promotion process because your Affiliate Manager will help and guide you until you are success and get a sale!

Visit Sell Health to prove how they work for you now!