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Triggering Factors To Hypertension Risk

Triggering Hypertension RiskNowadays, hypertension has been suffered by many people in the world including the young person. Most of them have never known the cause of hypertension itself. In several conditions someone can be more susceptible compared with others.

Hypertension or high blood pressure has 2 types:

I. Primary Hypertension

Primary hypertension is not known certainly of the cause. This is the main hypertension that’s suffered by most people. 90% of the sufferer is from this type.

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What is Head MRI For?

Head MRI ImageMRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is sophisticated and detail examination that used after basic x-ray test cannot find the right diagnosis of head object.

This machine is also well-known to evaluate parts of the body and certain disease or abnormality in soft tissue and nerve system.

Head MRI would be done if there are any indications as follows:

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Complete Info of Birth Control

Birth Control ImageBirth control is an important step to decrease the explosion of population in the world. The other aim is to prevent of sexual disease transmitted.

Complete info of birth control below can be used as a main consideration before choosing the one that suitable for you.

1. Condoms

Condom is used by a man what’re sheathes that trap and collect the sperm after ejaculation. By wearing them significantly decrease the chances of pregnancy. It’s also very effective to protect against HIV and STI (Sexually-Transmitted Infection).

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How to Treat Breast Cyst?

Breast Cyst ImageBreast cyst is a very common disease for women. It can be suffered by them due to the menstrual cycle, breast feeding, pregnancy period, hormone changes, menopause time or the other factors.

Most of mothers or women cannot distinguish between breast cyst and cancer. The first stage of them are generally the same. but the following stages are different. Breast cyst  usually attack the women above of 30 ages but it’s not possible to be suffered the one below of 30.

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Menopause Symptoms ImageSome mothers will get problems facing the end of menstruation as we call it “Menopause”. Every woman is different with another but most of them occurs between the ages of 45 to 55 with average age around 50.

To describe the condition of the last period, the female become irregular and the body adjust for reducing the level of hormones.  The process would take time 2 – 5 years or maybe longer.

The female hormones like Progestogen and Oestrogen will automatically decline and finally stop and not produced anymore by the ovary due to the the complete task of maturing age.

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Broken Nose Diagnosis

Broken Nose imageNasal bone is easily for fracture if attacked or get accident. The shape of nasal bone is rather small long with sharp tip. For Western person, it’s bigger than Asian one.

Mild trauma can make them at least bruise of the nose or soft tissue injury. Broken nose is usually followed by the bleeding from the nostril or sinus organs inside the nose.

You will see that your nose is broken with the sharp pain and the swollen of your nose within 2 up to 5 days.

The Symptoms of Broken Nose

1. After getting injury, there is a sense of nasal passage blocked. The swollen area will make you uncomfortable feeling.

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