Thyroid Cancer Treatment and DetectionFor your info that thyroid cancer case in very rare in the Hospital or Clinic in the place that I work. Initially, thyroid cancer is from tumor that grow in abnormal cells and uncontrollable within gland regions.

If you are pain and feel  uncomfortable  on the neck area should be checked as soon as possible. If there is something wrong like nodule or tumor, can be treated efficiently in early stage.

I think thyroid cancer is not a common abnormality and can occur to everybody with unclear reasons. This disease can attack to anybody both female and male. We must minimize the less negative impacts as we can.

Symptoms & Signs of Thyroid Cancer

As it mentioned earlier that thyroid cancer cause is not known exactly. Some Experts said that it can be from continuous radiation, severe infection, complications from other disease near the neck region, contaminated environment exposure and so on.

The symptoms or sign that you feel are like any swelling within the neck area, painful, there is lump if you touch it, your voice has changed, difficult to swallow food, feel pain if you’re breathing and coughing, etc.

How to Detect Thyroid Cancer?

If you feel the symptoms like above, please to clarify to your Doctor. Complete check should be undergone to ensure that everything’s clear enough.

The first thing is to test in Laboratory department. Your T4 and TSH will be measured and analyzed by the Specialist. Thyroglobulin level is also checked to determine whether any cancer cells or not.

The other tests such as Nuclear medicine, ultrasound examination and also CT-Scan or MRI. To make clear images, I think using contrast media is recommended  for Thyroid CT-Scan and MRI.

How to Treat Thyroid Cancer?

If you detected as thyroid nodule only, maybe small biopsy is enough to cure it, but if it’s cancer of thyroid, there are some further treatments as follows:

1. Surgery is the primary treatment for all types of cancer. Removal way is the best form to cure it.

2. Chemotherapy. Sometimes, it’s one package with surgery. After operation finished, the Doctor advised to do Chemotherapy to kill the rest of cancer cells.

3. Hormone and radiation therapy is also the other considerations by the Specialist to complete treatment procedure of medication.

4. Radioactive Medication is also the choice for curing the thyroid cancer. The Specialist will set the right dosage of radioactive liquid that injected to the object of problem.

Removal procedure is good for preventing recurrence of thyroid cancer. This method is known as Thyroidectomy. The other reason is to protect from lymph node glands.

Therapy of thyroid cancer consider of the age of the patient. For old people such as more than 50 years,  prolong treatment like chemotherapy will influence the health of the patient condition.

For your attention that therapy process is not comfortable feeling, painful, need much cost if you have no insurance guarantee and also need your patience  for your spouse/family who help you as long as your medication procedure involved.

Some people will undergo the plastic surgery to recover the appearance, colloid skin removal and so on.

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