Steps to Make Liver HealthierLiver is one of the most important organs in your body. It’s located under your right diaphragm in your abdominal area. Your liver has a function to help absorb food nutrients and digest it. The other function is to kill harmful toxins that destroying in your body.

Hepar or liver is really has a good job to control metabolism and provide and reserve ready sugar if you need energy. Due to this crucial organ, you have to keep it from any diseases and abnormalities.

For your additional info that liver is the largest organ of the body with weighs 1.400-1.600 gram in Males and 1.200-1.400 gram in Females. As a big factory, liver is as a storehouse. It plays important role as fat digestion and absorption parts.

To perform well all theses functions, the liver cells are surrounded and attached by a vast network of bile, portal veins and hepatic artery tributaries that transport the various by products to and from the cells. If these pathways are disrupted, the functions automatically affected.

There are several Problems would be dangerous for your Liver:

1. Excessive Alcohol
2. Fatty Liver Disease
3. Cirrhosis
4. Hepatitis
5. Cyst
6. Abscess
7. Primary Hepatic Carcinoma
8. Hepatic Metastases
9. Benign Neoplasm
10. The other Specific Diseases

How to prevent any Diseases to Your Liver and Make it Healthier:

1. Do not take excessive alcohol.
2. Manage your weight & don’t be obese.
3. Check your liver functions annually.
4. Vaccination for Hepatitis A and B.
5. Detoxification for your liver.
6. Taking a number of Liver multivitamins and some supplements. It can help you keep your liver healthier.
7. Avoid using needle someone else used and also sharing razor blades and toothbrush.

Some Diagnostic Tools to Detect any Problems of Your Liver:

a. Liver Ultrasound

Liver ultrasound is part of Abdominal sonography and done by Radiologist or Sonographer in the Hospital or Clinics. For the best result of ultrasound is used Longitudinal and Transverse scanning with several positions of the patient like decubitus, oblique and intercostals scans. Using angle is also important to see liver appearance with 40-90 Degrees.

All scan should be made in deep inspiration to make your liver moving more inferior in the abdominal cavity. Sometimes, Radiologist would get obstacle of doing ultrasound if having Obese or a big patient due to the fatty thickness.

b. Laboratory Tests

Clininal laboratory test used for evaluating liver function including:
– HBsAg
– Yama-GT
– Akaline Phosphatase
– Cholinesterase (CHE)
– Total Bilirubin
– Direct Bilirubin
– Total Protein
– Albumin
– Globulin
– Protein Electrophoresis

c. MRI / CT-Scan

This test could be invasive procedure because of venous injection by contrast media usage. By using this examination will be provided more information than ultrasound.

d. The Other Examinations for Detecting Liver Function or Abnormalities:
Nuclear Medicine Imaging
– Arteriography
– Plain Photo Abdomen.

I can conclude that for healthier liver is by checking it regularly, Healthy Diet & Balance Nutrient and avoid Harmful Food/Drinks to have natural treatments for your liver.

Pathologic process cannot be made only via ultrasound alone and must be compared with other examinations like:
– Clinical history of the patient
– Laboratory Data
– Diagnostic result findings
– The other tests which recommended by your Doctors/Specialist.


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