Osteoporotic processThis condition is mainly found on mother in middle-aged and elderly stages. Of course men have also risk of osteoporosis. Signs of osteoporosis for mother detected after the menopause come when the periods cease.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteporosis is a condition of bones become thinning and decreasing of density, so its impact it becomes weak and brittle. If you suspected as Osteoporosis by doing Bony x-ray, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your life would be over. So you must know early how its symptoms and how to treat it properly.

Why do you have more risk to get Osteoporosis than other mothers?

1. Drink a lot of coffee and alcohol are one of the reason. I think moderate amount of them is still tolerated.

2. If you’re smoker, please decrease it or throw away because it has also a risk of Osteoporosis.

3. Little activity or exercise is not good for your bony health. Watching TV a lot and sleeping too much should be avoided.

4. Overweight is not healthy but too thin and slight is also vulnerable to get Osteoporosis.

5. Lacks of calcium and hormones (Menopause process).

OsteoporosisOsteoporosis can cause broken or fractured of your bones such as on your legs, arms, coxae (Pelvic joints) and also any abnormalities of your vertebral spine. Scoliosis, kifosis, lordosis, compression fracture and other negative effects can attack your spines.

How to treat Osteoporosis?

– Of course it’s better to stop smoking and cut down alcohol and coffee. Maybe this is the hard steps to leave it.

– Consume calcium and vitamin D every day. I think for calcium, 1000 mg to productive mother is enough and 1200 mg to elderly.

– Regular exercise for example walking in 15-30 minutes. With weight-bearing exercise is recommended but adjusted with your age.

– Please discuss with your family Doctors about your diet for low fat products, fish, fruits, etc.

– Ultraviolet ray from sun is also good to get Vitamin D naturally. Exposed by sun light before 9am in the morning around 20-30 minutes is advised.

To prevent Osteoporosis is much better than to treat it because it doesn’t take much money and less efforts. I told you that Osteoporosis is a common condition for mother and elderly.

I suggest for mothers who have risk with Osteoporosis because I often found them getting injury to their leg and coxae bones. Be careful if you’re in the bathroom, slippery area, using stairs and may be using high-heeled shoes. Recovery process will take long time if you got fractured.

To know and prevent of Osteoporosis in early stage, be suggested to do x-ray or CT-Scan in Clinic or Hospital.

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