Young Girls UltrasoundAs a mother who has daughters around 10 – 20 years should check them for ultrasound or scanning. Young girls or teenagers are usually not respect with their health. School activities, extracurricular task and friendship have made them unaware about their health complaints.

We never know what they did, drank and consumed everyday if they stay outside of home.

Why should you check young girls for ultrasound?

1. To make sure that your beloved teenagers are really save and healthy from any disease and abnormality such as cancer, tumor, obstruction, fibroids, etc.

2. Some diseases are detected without any symptoms which they don’t realize. If we find it something dangerous in 4th stadium or chronic abnormality, we’re afraid those diseases cannot be cured anymore. Happiness of your family would be change to the nightmare.

3. Any health problems if detected in early stage is very easy to treat it and of course it doesn’t need much medical cost.

When do you see the Doctors?

Radiologist or Gynecologist is the right person in Hospital or Medical Center to check it. Before the age of 20, having the menses or the age of menarche (First menstruation cycle) is the right time to do ultrasound.

Mother must tell to her young girls about their body, what is the normal one and what is the wrong one and ask them whether they feel something strange in their abdomen and pelvic regions. If they said something wrong, they should undergo abdominal and pelvic ultrasound.

When the Doctors do not find any problems inside, I recommended you to take a second opinion. Sometimes, if the patient feels an uncomfortable within the pelvic/abdomen area, the wrong one is growing silently and smoothly inside.

With the rapid development of nutrition, friendship and the environment, the young girls get the menarche in earlier age. Hormonal influence unbalance can cause of negative impacts like tumor, cyst and solid lesion inside the uteri and both adnexa. Liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and both kidneys are also the object of abnormality although they’re still young but it’s rarely happen generally.

Once Radiologist and Gynecologyst said everything is OK and normal, you will not be worried anymore. Prevention is better than curing, isn’t it.

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