Back PainHi.. mother, in this post I will explain about back pain causes which often suffered by mother or maybe anybody worldwide without knowing what cause it.

I’m sure backache will influence your daily activities at home, office, sport, etc. You usually feel that you never got trauma or accident before. The painful could be from upper or lower back areas.

There are some causes of back pains as folllows :

1. Bone ache or musculoskeletal disorders

Your serious back pain can be a result of the injury one or moreĀ  joints or disc of your spine. The injury like this usually happen while bending your spine or lifting something heavy. Be careful if you take something heavy without the right position.

For prolong painful or on-off problem can be from your spines such as thoracal or lumbar spines. Scoliosis, lordosis or kifosis is a kind of abnormalities for your back spine. X-ray or MRI or CT-Scan examinations can detect your problem accurately. Calcification, HNP, compression fracture could be the causes of your back pains. We called osteoarthrosis for spur formation in your back spines.

Elderly mother can suffer those abnormalities because of their age. Please keep active in normal limits to avoid the back pain problems. Never bend forward with your legs straight to perform any task. If you have experience for back trouble, it has a tendency to recur.

2. Urinary tract/kidneys/ureters problems

Besides from musculoskeletal disorders, back pain can be from urinary tracts problems like ureter stones or kidney stones. Plain abdominal x-ray or abdominal ultrasound can see any stone in your abdomen area, but to seeĀ  physiology system there is BNO-IVP Test to check it. This examination uses a contrast media which injected in your vein on hand area and will be monitored time by time. With this test we can see stone at kidneys/ureters, dilatation, obstruction, hydronephrosis, tumour, inflamatory process, etc. We usually take x-ray picture for timing in 7 minutes, 15, 30, 45 and post-void on BNO-IVP test. 1-2 hours period to finish this examination.

3. Lung Disease

You maybe never think that lung disease can cause the back pains. Pleural effusion which shown by blunting of the chest x-ray sinuses. Your lung has liquid that causes the painful. It can be right or left side.

4. Ligament/muscle/soft tissue troubles.

It’s usually caused by minor strain in the muscle or ligaments. For the painful like this, the pain killer and exercises would help you better. It doesn’t take long time to recover.

Some people like massage treatment to relief this back pains kind. For medical treatment we usually use physiotherapy to make our patient back to normal.

You maybe check with several tests if your problems are not recovered soon. I mean, if chest x-ray normal, back spine is also normal, you can check with another examinations like ultrasound, CT-Scan, BNO-IVP, etc until your Doctor find the right diagnosis. Don’t keep your problems and become chronic diseases.

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