Mother and her children must be careful, if you are often cough more than 2 weeks. It usually includes the pain of the chest, sore throat and shorten breath. The main symptom is a morning cough with sputum.

Later on, wheezing and breathlessness become a serious problems. When you are a smoker, you may mention it as normal cough if it increased should be considered and checked.

How to detect Chronic Bronchitis?

I think chest x-ray is enough and also your sputum & blood will be tested by your Doctor in Laboratory. Laboratory and chest x-ray result attached together to ensure it’s Chronic Bronchitis or not.

Chronic Bronchitis ChildPersisting inflammation of bronchial tree of the lung. It is potentially dangerous problem because many people do not realize that they have it.

If you have taken chest x-ray will be seen as your bronchovascular markings are increased in the both lung fields. The infiltrates spread on the right and left paracardial, retrocadial or perihilar regions of the lungs.

Some causes of the Chronic Bronchitis like smoking, dusty atmosphere and also air pollution. However, Chronic Bronchitis is not from chronic infection but from chronic irritation of the lungs area.

What is Chronic Bronchitis treatment?

1. Prevention is better than medication. Stop smoking if you are detected for Chronic Bronchitis. Avoid the dusty atmosphere and do not close with the people who suspected with respiratory infection.

2. Take antibiotic, influenza drug and also vitamins are the solutions. Consult with your Doctor for your further medication. If your symptoms reduced significantly, it seems to be recovery from Chronic Bronchitis.

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