x-ray & ultrasoundX-ray and ultrasound are usually set in on department or division of Radiology and categorized as diagnostic tools. These machines are very important for Doctors and Specialist because without it, they’re difficult to cure patients and treat the next steps. Radiology and Laboratory are the vital divisions in Hospital or Clinic.

I can not say who the best machine is. They have advantages and disadvantages respectively.

What is an x-ray?

1. X-ray is ionic radiation. They can make signs of bone, body area of human, animal and everything when they can pass through them. Densities of the object can make the contrast of the film or in monitor of computer. The sign is gray and white. Less density of the tested object will be gray sign and the thicker object will be white sign.

2. X-ray is very good to access bone, disease, foreign body, radioluscent stone, gass, feces, etc. Bony joints problems, dislocation, subluxation, bony degenerative, fractures, tumor, dilatation of colon are also effective by x-ray.

3. Xray are used to check the advanced examinations like HSG, Colon Inloop, Barium meal, BNO-IVP, OMD Test and so on.

4. The bad news is x-ray using radiation. But don’t worry. they are very small dose and not dangerous compared with its advantage.

What is an ultrasound?

1. Ultrasound or sonography or scanning is to be the best alternative to check your soft tissue, various organs, blood flow inside your body. The parts of your body are effective using ultrasound like breast, female reproductive system, heart, prostate, thyroid, liver, both kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas, urinary bladder, spleen, abdominal regions, etc.

The process of ultrasound imaging is high frequency of sound wave transmitted in your body where the object located then reflect and absorb of the sound wave in various degrees. Sound waves will be converted into electric signal, recorded, analyzed and finally the information displayed on the screen.

2. The various diseases can be detected well by ultrasound such as tumor, nodule, FAM, lesion, cyst, stone, solid lesion, vascular disease and the other soft tissue problems.

3. Sonography doesn’t make the patient pain and no radiation. It’s very save even you use it everyday. The accuracy of ultrasound is high.

4. we admit it that ultrasound is not good for hard tissue like bone or I mentioned above. The higher accuracy or appropriate diagnosis depends on strongly to Skilled and experienced Operator/ Sonographer/Radiologist and also the advanced of machine. 4D ultrasound is of course better than 3D one.

I believe that your Doctors will give you the best solution for every treatment they chose. Although some of them still made an business oriented.

Nowadays, your artery and veins flows are tested by Doppler ultrasound to visualize the real-time of the process of flow. Using ultrasound is much better now because it can be used to guide any needle inserted to your organs.

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