Direct Effects of ScoliosisScoliosis becomes trouble for your life if disturbing you on working and daily activities. There is one method to manage your scoliosis by measuring its degree.

If you are taking Chest x-ray, please tell to your Doctor or Radiologist to measure the spines’ degree. It’s to be your medical record for your future if you will control again.

Chest radiograph should be changed to bony structure first before measuring by Radiologist. 10 Degree or less is classified as Mild Scoliosis. 10-20 Degree is classified as Moderate Scoliosis and more than 20 degree is classified as Severe Scoliosis.

If you feel more painful for several years latter, it’s a sign that Scoliosis becomes more trouble for your life.

There are direct Effects of Scoliosis in Your Life such as:

1. Abnormal Posture

Your posture is not normal if you are in standing position. It influences your walk, sitting and sleep. The normal posture is straight with good alignment.

2. Feeling Painful

Painful happen due to your spine is not working in right proportion. In balanced burden and unstable position can trigger your ligament, nerve, blood flow and other organs in a bad working system.

3. Less Power

Scoliosis can reduce your power. Of course this is the negative impact. If your spine and pelvic is balanced and intact can enhance your power and stability. You can check it via lifting bag or other heavy things.

4. Triggering another complication

Mild Scoliosis is still OK for your health but if it’s attacking you in severe level will make another complications like infection, HNP, nerve problem, corpus compression and so on. There are much nerves in your spine starting from sacrum up to neck spine. If you cannot manage and cure your scoliosis properly can make your nerve getting trouble.

Some Steps to Recovery Process of Scoliosis

1. Regular Activities to the Gym and Swimming

Swimming and fitness on the gym which guided by The Experts is a better steps for recovery process. For your notice that back spines fragile and flexible. By doing these exercises, they will be strong to support your weight body. Maybe you’re your Expert will give you a special course or technique to make it your perfect body by combining with appropriate diet and nutrition.

2. Avoid Bad Habit

Proper posture can be learned and practiced at home or office. By maintaining in good position in sitting, bringing heavy bag and so on can prevent you from scoliosis. Make everything in balance and do not burden your shoulder only in left or right side. For long time would make your posture abnormal.

3. Consult with Chiropractor

Nowadays, Chiropractor has become the right place to consult by many people due to abnormal spines. Is chiropractic treatment effective enough? Click this article to see the effectiveness of Chiropractic.

5. The other Therapies

There are many alternatives which chosen by Doctors to make your scoliosis back to normal like physiotherapy, operation and so on. Healthy life style is also the option to avoid scoliosis.

Some patients are scared to do operation because it’s pain and getting other risks after operation done. If you include this category, I advise, if you have only mild scoliosis and have pain about that, it’s better to relieve your pain only via oral medication, physiotherapy or acupuncture. They are all do not give you significant painful and giving minimal risk for you life. The most important thing your pain has gone, isn’t it!


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