Mammogram imageIf you are women and still young, healthy, do not have any breast complaints, I’m sure you never think about Mammogram or Mammography.

I can understand about it, but Mammogram is a breast screening that has many benefits and good step for preventing any disease related to your breast health.

Although this test is useful but should be done carefully because it uses x-ray radiation and some women will feel pain and uncomfortable during examination because of breast pressing by the plate of the mammogram equipment.

Some Mammogram machines in Developed Countries have significantly changed to a better technology like detailed result of soft tissue visualization, special film screen usage, cassette and smaller x-ray radiation exposure and finally will be impacted to patient advantages and generated an optimum result.

Mammogram Preparations

Before Mammogram is tested, women patient must have the order from the other Doctor or Specialist, inspected & palpated in any basic positions like a Cranio-caudal or Medio-lateral projections. Patient can be supine (lay-down) or sitting positions.

Sometimes will be added with special Axillary projection. Patient will also ordered to use x-ray radiation protection like apron, thyroid shield, etc. Female Radiographer will do this examination than male one to avoid any uncomfortable measures.

What is Mammogram Seen?

Radiologist or X-ray Specialist will make an interpretation result based on the mammography images. If those pictures are not detailed enough would be obtained by magnifying glass.

Interpretation will concern about structural anatomy of both breasts, normal appearance of nipple area, see detailed of fatty tissue, arteries, veins, lymphatics, and lymph blood flow in axillary regions. skin outline and Lymph node are also seen.

For your noticed that some of women have many normal variations due to their hormonal influences, parenchymal tissue, menstrual cycle, ovulation on the breast and so on. If you are menses appears, there is generalized involution of the parenchyma with lesser density of the breast mammogram image.

Mammography test during pregnancy is again to be understood because of gestational changes on both breasts, density parenchymal increased and glandular lobular enlarged. There are all not pathology signs.

Early detection is a major benefit of mammogram than using self-examination or physician exam (palpation). Smaller or early stage of cancer can be clearly detected by Mammogram.

Mother or women who have age more than 35 years is recommended to check their breast regularly. If you have taken annual Medical Check-up, please do not forget to take additional option with Mammogram or breast ultrasound.

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