Smoking Effects ImageSmoking is not the only favorite habit for men but also for women. It’s one of the bad habit which is difficult to be eliminated. I’m sure that everyone knew that cigarette is harmful and can create many diseases and eventually deathly attack.

Any negative affects and complicated health conditions can not prevent people from cigarette consumption. Desire for smoking is driven by many aspects like friendship, look cool, life style, suffer from stress, addicted and so on. I think benefit of smoking is little compare with the negative effects like cancer.

Many Life Style Diseases due to Smoking

1. Bad Breath

2. Yellow Teeth

3. Smelly Clothes

4. Yellow Eyes

5. Hollowed Cheeks

6. Tooth Loss

7. Smelly Hair

8. Early Wrinkles

9. Hair Loss

10. Graying Skin

When I met my friend who addicted of smoking, He told me “If I smoke cigarette my mind feel free,  ready to work and until now, I’m still alive”. Then I responded him “Yes, you are right! but if I see you.. you’re look elder and not fresh as your age”. I given a suggestions that cancer, lung disease, chronic Bronchitis, heart attack and the other diseases waiting you and ready to stop you.

As a Smoker, you can show to anybody that after taking MCU (Medical Check-Up) or chest x-ray, you are fit result and is not found any diseases, Lung Cancer or maybe the other destructive abnormality, but you have to know that life style diseases which I mentioned above will follow you slowly and surely. If you are still need more fresh and happier in your life, please quit smoking today.

Women or mother smokers will have problems with pregnancy including their baby. Infertility chance increases, enhance risk of osteoporosis and also will get earlier menopause. The negative impacts of smoking materials will destroy ovary, uterus and both adnexae.

By quitting smoking is not only save you from dangerous habit but also save your more money. Some people do not like the smelly body.

World No Tobacco Day May 31 is the moment for us to stop smoking and make our life style healthy. LOVE your body & mind!

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