ChiropracticNowadays, chiropractic is one of the alternative treatment in medical field. Chiropractic is an alternative medicine to diagnose, treatment and prevention for your musculoskeletal system disorders.

What can Chiropractor help?

Some complaints related to back pain, headache, migraine, neck pain, leg & knee pain, shoulder pain, scoliosis and so on. Chiropractic can fix your misalignment of your spinal, muscle, bone, joint and ligament. Subluxation of your spine and unbalanced of your nerve system are also Chiropractic’s tasks.

How is Chiropractic treatment?

1. The first you come to Chiropractic, She/he usually ask your posture, medical history, live style, nutrition you intake, etc.

2. Your body will be checked like walking, sitting, balancing, palpating and any movement that they want to. Your adaptation is measured to the stress, emotion and pressure. Your body defensive and protection is to be their analysis.

3. Any information related to your problem will be followed by x-ray examination to uphold the right diagnosis. The position is of x-ray is standing and minimal 2 basic views like AP (Anteroposterior) and Lateral. Sometimes it needs weight bearing position to see the balanced and symmetric body. Please to be noted that if you x-ray lumbar view to ask for X-ray Technician with lumbar and fully pelvic imaged.

4. Treatments are done in lay down position with manipulative technique for your spine joint, soft tissue and muscle. Exercise, acupuncture and massage are the other alternative treatments. Medicine or food supplement is also used if needed.

Is Chiropractic Treatment really effective?

1. Continuous treatment is important to get significant result.

2. Further investigation should be discussed to avoid any complication for elder mother or who patient suffered any diseases.

3. Based on my experience, if your problem treated by skillful Chiropractic will give any benefit.

4. Your Chiropractor will discuss again if your problem doesn’t any improve or getting worse.

5. Second opinion to other expert is needed if you get stagnant treatment.

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