How to Prevent HepatitisThere are 4 kinds of Hepatitis. Those are Hepatitis A, B, C and E. This disease is caused by the inflammation in the liver. The common causes of Hepatitis such as toxins, virus, bacterial infection, some drugs, excessive of alcohol use and dangerous drinks and other diseases.

Many ways why most of causes enter into the body via the bowel from contaminated food or water, contacted with infected people or transmitted by uncooked fruit, vegetables, ice or others.

The Symptoms of Hepatitis:

All kinds of Hepatitis symptoms as follows :

There are fever, loss of appetite, nausea, jaundice (yellowing of the eyes and skins),  abdominal discomfort, joint painful, chills and so on. Is it a serious problem? It depends on the Hepatitis it self, Chronic or Acute… Acute is really known quickly because of jaundice, but Chronic is actually more dangerous because it will attack you slowly and finally seriously. Some people have no symptoms like common people.

Be Careful for the High Risk People like:

1. For intravenous drug users.

2. People who received from blood transfussion before checking first with contaminated blood analysis.

3. Patient who got renal dialysis.

4. Health Staff who direct care to the patients.

5. Baby who has carries mother.

6. Children where contacted with variety of people in the public.

7. Prostitution or someone who likes with multiple sex partners.

8. etc.

Are they treated?

– Hepatitis A and E

Take a rest is important thing. Some Doctors recommended to give injection of immonoglobulin that can protect at least for 3 months. The other advices are like maintain the nutritious diit and drink a lot of water.

– Hepatitis B

Vaccination is essential. The other treatments for example follow the Guidelines of Good Hygiene for your healthy diit, avoid alcohol intake and maybe will be given with a certain drugs. Actually, if you got Hepatitis B, there is no cure anymore.

– Hepatitis C

Like the other kinds of Hepatitis, this disease also needs rest, avoid alcohol, and always contacted with your Specialist.

How to Prevent Hepatitis

1. Vaccination is the best way to prevent Hepatitis. Please check your blood to ensure whether you have immunity or not. No need vaccination for Hepatitis E.

2. Keep “Good Hygiene Practices” like:

– Healthy Sanitation, choose the safe food and drinks, Adequate water intake per day (6-8 glases) and also always washing your hand every activity you did. Washing hands with soap/anticeptic is the simplest and cheapest way to prevent Hepatitis.

– Use you personal belonging and do not borrow from your friends such as toothbrush, glass, plate, towel, etc). Using needle from other people is also avoided to prevent contamination effect.

– If you like multiple sex partners, you should use condome. I know this way can reduce your sensation but keeping healthy is more important, isn’t it?

– Pay attention if you handle and take care of open wounds of your friends. You have never known about your friend and strangers medical history.

– Do not take alcohol because it can make Hepatitis getting worse.

3. Do not take any actions with unclean or unhealthy of fingers/hands, food, water, toilet, etc.

4. Do not donate your blood to other people if the Worker do not use sterile tools, needles and so on.

If you feel the symptoms like above mentioned, you need to check your blood in Laboratory and doing Abdominal ultrasound. Any diseases can be detected well by ultrasound for your liver abnormalities such as Chirrosis, Hepatomegaly, cyst, SOL, and the others which related with your Hepatitis bad effects that you suffered. It’s better to do Regular Medical Check-up which test also for your liver function.

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