Broken LegsBroken leg can occur to anybody because of their activities which happen at home, office, school, on the street or playing area. Lower extremities that most common of fractures are on the bones of tibia (bigger one), fibula (small one), femur/thigh, coxae (pelvic joint), ankle and metatarsal.

Any fractures can be hairline, greenstick, oblique, multiple in complete of partial shapes. It’s usually involved dislocation or subluxation on site.

How to know a broken leg?

Lower leg x-ray is a great diagnostic tool to see any kind of fracture before doing treatment, procedure or operation. X-ray is also can be used to evaluate of the healing process. Using CT-Scan is a better, but this is very dependent for your Doctor.

How long the Healing Process?

If your fractured site has callus formation or calcification is a sign of a good healing process. For children or young people is faster recovery than the adult or elderly people. I think 1 month period is enough for hairline or greenstick fracture, but for severe broken legs will take time 6-10 weeks depend on your Doctor analysis.

Is ultrasound Test needed?

Yes, if your leg problem is not only fracture but also associated with pathologic abnormalities such as edema, soft tissue rupture and any other complications. Color Doppler Ultrasound is recommended to see your blood flow, artery, vein and so on.

Please see the Description of Color Doppler Imaging for your Both Legs:

“The skin outline was normal, the common, superficial, deep, popliteal, peroneal, anterior/posteror tibial, dorsalis pedis and veins were normal in size and contour. All arteries system are normally seen. After compression the above mentioned veins were collaps and after valsava meneuver there is no sign of retrograde flow. The long and short saphenous veins were normal in size and contour”.

If you find your result or report of ultrasound is not like that it’s indicated the your legs soft tissue and ligament is having any problems.

Some Useful Tips:

– If you have post fracture, please be careful for your activities because the strength of your bones are not strong as before. Original one is absolutely better than spur formation replacement.

– Milk and calcium intakes are good to speed-up your healing of broken legs.

– For severe or complete fracture to your lower extremities which need operation (using pen or wire fixation) will take a longer time for recovery. Please be patient.. and do not force to your Doctor or Orthopedic to take it off your fixation. You wait it until perfect union of your broken site.

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