X-ray and ECG Tests for Chest PainMany of you often feel chest pain, but there is happening recurrent. Sometimes, muscles or mild colic attacks in the chest region. That’s OK, but if the symptom appears many times and severe pain, please be careful about that. Chest pain is a warning in early step!

Actually, discomfort within your chest should be observed because maybe there is something wrong that threathen your life. Proper handling of this matter can save your life. Significant painful must be checked as soon as possible to know what actually happen.

To see your Doctor or Cardiologist is better in Hospital or Clinic. For early stage : Chest x-ray and ECG tests will be done to diagnose if any abnormality in your chest and surrounding area.

1. Chest X-ray Test

Chest x-ray is commonly mentioned as a routine check for your chest problems. With chest x-ray, you can see the normal criteria. Some diseases and abnormalities can be detected by chest x-ray like Pneumonia, Chronic Bronchitis, Specific Process, Pleural effusion, solid mass, pneumothorax, cancer, ribs fracture and another chest problems.

Besides those diseases, chest x-ray can also see the size of heart. If CTR (Cor Thoracic Ratio) is more than 50%, you are suspected as Cardiomegaly or Heart enlargement. If your hear is bigger than normal size, you are vulnerable to get some heart disease like ASHD, cardiac arteries blockage, obstruction in partial or fully disease.

Eventually, chest x-ray is only see heart form the size and it’s known as anatomy test. For your heart function can be checked by ECG. This test is to know how your heart is working.

2. ECG (Electro Cardio Graphy)

This test is using electrical activity of your heartbeat and will generate of the record. This way is very safe and painless. No radiation you receive because it’s the only result of electrical impulses flow. Every procedure for the patient, electrodes are put on the chest area, ankles and wrist joint.

With this test, your heart gives the sign whether it’s wrong or not. Respiratory tract problems and cardiac symptoms due to your heart matters can be known well by ECG Test.

If you are still pain and 2 tests above indicated the normal limits, it’s usually will be continued by another examinations like ultrasound test, Stress check, MRI or another one.

Physical sign is the most important thing to see the chest pain problems. Some oxygen supply and another emergency equipment will be tried to save patient’s live.

So Chest x-ray and ECG is the first step to check your chest pain. Complete Medical Check-up is highly recommended to know your problem in detail.


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