Common FluFlu is a common ailment for people. Don’t let flu get you down. Severe common flu can disturb your daily activities such as on working, school, sport and so on.

It’s caused by an infection of viruses on the upper respiratory tract especially attacking your nose, throat and upper area of the chest. We should understand how to fight common flu in a best efforts.

What is the Symptoms of Common Flu?

They are like feeling unwell, fever, coughing, sneezing, running nose, headache, fatigue, stuffy nose, etc.

2. You should get medical treatment or see the Doctor if any following symptoms for example chest pain, have green mucus and sore throat.

What is the Right Treatments?

1. If you get the symptoms like above mentioned, The Doctor usually order you to do Laboratory Test to check your sputum, ESR, blood culture and sensitivity test to check bacteremia. Chest and Sinus x-ray is considered to be done. With these examinations, any possibility of flu negative impacts can be observed. Sometimes, recurrent common flu is caused by sinusitis (interpretation result of Sinus x-ray) or Bronchitis/Bronchopneumonia process (interpretation result of Chest x-ray).

2. Get enough rest and stay at home at least 24 hours. If you are fever, you must be lower the temperature if above 37,8 Celcius degree until it’s gone. Plenty of sleep will increase your immune system.

3. Drink water or electrolyte beverage. By taking enough water can reduce the fever and replace the liquid due to dehydration process. Warm tea can be used to lower the cold as a good alternative.

4. To control fever and inflammation process in the respiratory tract, analgesic and pain killer is effective steps. This way can be tried within 3-7 days.

5. Antibiotic is often prescribed to treat bacterial infections.

6. Using Vitamin C can help recover more quickly with large doses.

7. Flu Vaccination is the best way to prevent common flu. Vaccination result can refrain your body from flu attacked.

8. To avoid common flu back. it’s better to take enough sleep and regular exercise with balanced diet. If your immune system is good, flu is afraid to attack you.

9. If you are healthy, be careful interacting with someone or friend who suspected of common flu. Using breathing mask is recommended to halt the virus of flu to spread.

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