Arthrosis ImageMany people in the world have a pain, stiff and difficult to move on the foot, back spines, ankle, hand and so on, but they have never got trauma or accident before.

This is a general complaint that I heard from the patients before doing an x-ray, ultrasound or other diagnostic tools. This condition is usually suffered by the old people or someone with above of 30 years old. Yes.. it’s usually caused by Arthrosis.

Causes of Arthrosis :

Arthrosis is a common abnormality on the people that attacks on bone joint, bony alignment and vertebre spine which caused by:

1. Aged Cause

If your age more than 30’s is more vulnerable to get Arthrosis.

2. Genetic Factor

Some people will suffer Arthrosis due to passing on from their parents.

3. Arthritis or Inflammatory Process

4. Triggering by Accident or Trauma that you’re unaware before

5. Caused Complications by the other diseases

Symptoms of Arthrosis :

There are some symptoms of Arthrosis such as painful, swelling,  stiffness, difficult to articulate, redness, tenderness, etc. You can feel only one symptom or more depend on your Arthrosis condition.

Detection of Arthrosis :

If you see your Doctors, they usually will reffer you to take some examinations for example x-ray test, laboratory analysis, ultrasound examination or may be more detail check via MRI or CT-Scan.

I think based on my experience in the Hospital, X-ray test is enough to see any arthrosis or abnormality on the back pain, foot, hand, pelvic and any areas that’s suspected by your Doctors.

If the sympton that you suffer still exist and there is normal result of your bone x-ray, I think ultrasound test is to be the next consideration to see any abnormality of blood vessel, arteries, veins, blood flow, edema process, soft tissue structures and so on.

Treatment of Arthrosis :

Arthrosis can be mentioned as Osteoarthrosis, Osteoarthritis or Degenrative  Joint Disease. Osteoarthritis is specifically known as Inflammation process of bony joint like on ankle, knee, shoulders or back spines.

1. Surgery Option

Minor or major operation is to be a right treatment to releive the damage of bony deformity, severe arthrosis, total loss of mobility or damaged joints.

2. To see Chiropractor

For mild or minor problem of Arthrosis is better to see Chiropractors because they are the Expert of this problems.

3. Swimming Treatment

Sometimes, regular swimming can be effective for mild Arthrosis and simultaneous taken with relieve drug intake. Your joint or articulation becomes normal and reduce your pain and stiffness.

4. Natural Remedy

There are some natural remedies that can fix your Arthrosis like supplements or prescribed Drug that recommende by your Doctor.

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