What is Prostatic HypertrophyProstate hypertrophy is a common abnormality for men who have age above 40 because of their prostatic gland was enlarged. But some men with their age below 40 also got prostatic enlargement.

This organ is located within pelvic minor region or pelvic cavity which bordered by the levator ani inferior muscle and pelvic brim superiorly.

The normal prostate is like doughnut-shaped that lie in the inferior of the bladder. This organ is an accessory male sex which emits a milky secretion that enhances sperm motility.

Prostatic enlargement can happen to men because prostate gland get enlarged then the muscle cells which controlling the urine flow would tighten. The bad impacts of these sign will compress urethra and finally obstruct or block the urine flow.

For your noticed that beside prostate there are the other organs for men inside the pelvic region like urinary bladder (vesica urinaria), distal ureters, the rectum, distal colon and anus.

How to detect Prostatic Hypertrophy?

1. Plain Abdomen of x-ray examination is difficult to visualize this abnormality because this organ is soft tissue or superficial with radioluscent density (grey sign) and no radioopaque (white sign). If there is opaque picture can be easily detected by abdominal x-ray. This is one of the disadvantages of plain radiograph.

2. The most accurate equipment to see this disease is via pelvic ultrasound. 2D or 3D ultrasound is enough result but using 4D ultrasound is much better because of this tool is advanced technology with smooth and high contrast results.
To get optimal result of prostate image, the patient is advised to drink 2-3 cups of water to fulfill urinary bladder and hold it until pelvic ultrasound done.

3. CT-Scan and MRI are also the good tools to see any prostate enlargement, but Many Doctors or Specialist do not recommend with this equipment due to the high price for the patient and it’s not a simple test, but it’s to be a choice if there is the other abnormalities suspected within pelvic cavity like any tumors, bladder calculi, mass effects distorting the shape of bladder and so on.

The Criteria of Ultrasound for Prostate Hypertrophy

1. The size of prostate gland is enlarged if more than 4 cm for measuring in transversal and longitudinal slices.

2. Ultrasound image show the normal prostate if there is smooth, around and homogenous echo-texture like doughnut sign.

3. Prostate projection is also abnormal if noticed as :

– Irregular border around the prostate gland. It’s usually by inflammatory  process or infection causes.

– Any calcification if there is any radioopaque sign within the prostate gland area.

– Cyst with sign of black round within the prostate region.

Tumor/Cancer if detected as radioopaque sign, irregular border with pressure against surrounding organs like the bladder, rectum, etc.

Below are the Reasons Why you should See the Doctor if you have Symptoms as follows:

1. You often urinate or going to toilet.

2. Feeling intermittent urine flow.

3. Sometimes you have urgency to urinate but it doesn’t empty your bladder.

4. At night you frequently go to toilet.

If you suspected with abnormality of your prostate is advised to see Urologist for the next step of medication.


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