PoisoningPoisoning is something to be scarred by mother to her children or maybe can happen to adult or elderly people but only in less number. Most cases can occur in the home.

It’s very dangerous if happen in the country side or village if it’s far from medical center. Knowing how to tackle in first aid steps is very important to save life. Every member of family must be aware about poisoning especially for the children under 4 year age.

Most Causes of Poisoning

As a mother or parents have fully awareness to put the dangerous packaging or toxic substances at home. We should have special storage to keep it safely or you can give them the special signs. Keep it locked in back room or boxes is recommended.

Some kind of products are to be careful which maybe swallowed by your children such as small ball, cosmetic, liquid potential hazards, some drugs, etc. Please remember that children by nature like something interesting, colorful sign and new package. They never know that it’s a very risky.

How do you prevent poisoning?

You can suspect that your children may got poisoned if suffer the following conditions like dizziness, difficult for breathing and speaking, nausea, vomiting, strange behavior, something burning in the mouth or unconsciousness.

1. Take your children to the nearest medical help as soon as possible with don’t forget to bring poisoned container. It’s purpose to treat your children appropriately.

2. When your child’s eyes contaminated with poisoning, please rinse with water for at least 10-15 minutes.

3. Avoid to induce vomiting unless your Doctor instructed to do so.

4. You can do consultation via telephone to your family Doctor or Medical Expert how to handle your children from home.

5. If the skin poisoned, you can wash it copiously with soap and warm water.

6. If the your children condition is not good like unconscious, you can do CPR (Help Breathing) if you can or you ask for the other people to do this way.

7. For some cases like poisoned liquid, using milkĀ  or drink large volume can be tried or waiting approval for your Doctor.

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