Diabetes Rising ImageDiabetes is one of the most avoided disease in the world today. Newspaper or press media warns that diabetes rising for the young people especially for urban area.

Sedentary urban lifestyle, increasingly high levels of obesity, unbalanced nutrition and unlike basic exercises have strongly contributed to diabetes rising of young people.

The big cities lifestyle make young worker people tend to be careless about what they consume. Due to of those causes, they suffered from lipid or fat metabolism disorders.

If  they are not aware about it and will lead to further diabetes-related complications like Dyslipidemia which a condition their body has an abnormal amount of fat such as cholesterol. This condition will worsen if suffering obesity. Why? Because it lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Sometimes, Diabetes sufferer have hypertension and dyslipidemia.

If your blood sugar positively detected as diabetic, you can consult to Internist or Endocrinology and Metabolism Specialist. Seeing Doctor is to avoid severe complications to any other diseases which can make a fatal.

Some diabetic complications patients usually don’t know that they suffer from that disease. Inflammation of the eye retina and finally make your vision disturbed is one of the negative impact of diabetes.

The other complications of diabetes:

–  Infection on Foot or we call it “Gangrene”. Lower leg gangrene can make the foot amputations.

– Kidney failure, high blood pressure, nerve damage and gum disease are the other complication diseases of diabetes.

Suggestions for Diabetes Treatments:

1. Check your blood sugar & cholesterol regularly and also consult for Healthy living to your Doctor. This test of blood sugar levels can be done at home. Self monitoring to diet program, medication and basic exercises can control and manage your diabetes and avoid complications.

2. We know that diabetes is difficult to be cured. If you know early and manage it properly by following some basic healthy guidelines to control blood sugar level and reduce of the other complications will make our live longer. By attending seminar or course of healthy lifestyle and reducing obesity for young people can tackle diabetes accurately.

3. Insulin treatment is still used to supply demand in the body. A proper insulin amount should be consulted first before injected at home.

As young urban people and working in the big cities, working to make money is important but healthy lifestyle, quit from smoking,  limit alcohol intake and exercise are more important. I met many people with much money due to hard working cannot happy with their health because of their diabetic problems.

So, to control your diabetes problem with awareness, proper care and discipline. Avoid excessive fatigue because your body organs can also work overly. If it happen for long time can make your body organs tired and working improper capacity. Finally it lead to appear the disease like diabetes. You can learn how to reverse diabetes naturally.

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