Tuberculosis I would like explain about Pulmonary Tubercolisis. This disease is also known as Koch Pulmonum, specific process or TB. It’s rarely found on developed Countries but often happen in the undeveloped or developing countries.

Even though, we must be careful if see our family members have the symptoms or suspected suffering of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Pulmonary tuberculosis is caused by infection of growing bacillus called as Micobacterium tuberculosis. You can suffer it by transmission through inhalation from infected people.

There are 2 kinds of symptoms of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

1. General Symptoms:

РThe symptoms are such as productive cough for more 2 weeks,  lack of appetite, weight loss, sometimes fever and recurrent, feel sweats in the night, fatigue, sputum cough, etc

2. Specific Symptoms:

– If this disease hits the bronchial area, you will be difficult to breath and your breathing will generate sound like asthma.

– You will feel pain on the chest regions because there is some liquid within pleural cavity.

How to Diagnose Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

1. Physical examination and ask medical history of the family. If one of our family have ever suffered pulmonary tuberculosis before, we tend to get it more than the other people with good medical health records. This is we call “Congenital”.

2. The second option for detecting pulmonary tuberculosis is by chest x-ray or thorax photo in Radiology Department. On the chest x-ray image, we can see if the bronchovascular marking is increased or crowded in the upper lung fields (Right or left or both sides), it’s the sign of Pulmonary tuberculosis.

3. Laboratory test is the third choice to check the sputum for the acid-fast bacillus.

4. Mantoux test or PPD would be injected under the skin and will be waited about 48 hours. Positive result is the injected area has a sign of red skin.

Combination of 4 options above is the best way to get the right diagnosis and the Doctor will continue to the next treatments.

Treatments of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

– Giving antibiotics if enough effective against a particular type for some bacteria. The cure usually takes time up to 6 months depends on the disease. Some Doctors will try to give the patient multiple therapies besides with antibiotics drugs like nutrition, physiotherapy, Detox, etc.


– If one of your family positively detected as Pulmonary Tuberculosis, the other family members should be checked also at least with chest x-ray to ensure the the others are very safe with this disease.

– For several people after recover from TB, if checked by thorax photo will be seen the rest of old specific process or specific calcification. Don’t worry, it’s harmless and not spread again to other people.

– Please check it immediately, if you feel symptoms like above mentioned. Regular test (ones/year) for chest x-ray is highly recommended.

– During tuberculosis therapy for example for 6 months, don’t be late or forget to take the drugs, because¬† it’s to be ineffective and lead the drugs resistant organism. It’s better to set your cell phone with timer or reminder up to completing for your pulmonary tuberculosis medication. Actually this disease is not dangerous if we manage it properly with helping of our spouse or family members.

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