Broken Nose imageNasal bone is easily for fracture if attacked or get accident. The shape of nasal bone is rather small long with sharp tip. For Western person, it’s bigger than Asian one.

Mild trauma can make them at least bruise of the nose or soft tissue injury. Broken nose is usually followed by the bleeding from the nostril or sinus organs inside the nose.

You will see that your nose is broken with the sharp pain and the swollen of your nose within 2 up to 5 days.

The Symptoms of Broken Nose

1. After getting injury, there is a sense of nasal passage blocked. The swollen area will make you uncomfortable feeling.

2. You will get a difficulty of breathing. It’s a usual symptom because your nasal channel is covered by the blood.

3. The shape of your nasal is different with a normal one. Curved shape is the most common sign if your nose is broken.

4. Continues bleeding if you touch your nose.

5. Unbalanced feeling and headache if trauma you got in severe way.

6. Inflammatory process is shown by the red sign of your nose.

How to Diagnose Broken Nose?

If you suspected a broken nose your Doctor will send you for taking some x-ray examinations like Nasal bone and Head X-ray. With nasal bone x-ray can be visualized a broken nose clearly. Mild or severe fracture of nasal bone can be detected.

Your Doctor will ask you and undergo overall physical test to make sure whether any trauma also of your head or not. It’s very important thing. Mild trauma is enough to be checked with nasal x-ray and Waters position, but if there is any negative impact of your nose will be followed by CT-Scan Test.

Basic Head x-ray and Waters position is to see the impact of nasal bone trauma against  maxillary sinus, zigomaticum bones, ethmoidal bones, septum deviation and so on. The Doctor will analyze whether those bones are still intact/normal or not. If there is any liquid due the nasal fracture can be noticed easily.

For your notice that mild trauma with mild fracture of your nose will only take recovery time 2 – 6 weeks and no further operation. Major fracture or severe injury with  involvement of the head trauma will take a longer time of recovery and may be take any operation with continues medication.

Bad indicator of your neck due to the broken nose is also checked by neck x-ray. The possibility of fractures of bones like pedicles, corpus, vertebre opening, etc will be observed in detailed analysis. Alignment of your neck vertebre is one of the indication for neck fracture.

For some cases, emergency treatment is done to save the patient especially for urgent accident. Orthopedist will undergo operation to make your nose in normal position.

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