Healthy life styleHealthy life style is a dream of everyone and free of back pain is something worth to be achieved. By doing a healthy lifestyle and consider the factors that cause your problems of back pain, you can avoid severe negative impacts although you would not hide it when your old has come at least you can decrease it.
The following is 4 suggestions to avoid many dangerous diseases such as hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes and tumors. By implementing a healthy lifestyle, your backache could be free or avoided.

1. Active Lifestyle

How can daily activities make a freedom from back pain? Sometimes your work requires much sitting and thinking and also easily for transportation availability in both private car and public facilities that causes us away from foot, please try a half-hour of walking every day.

If it’s difficult to do then replace it with aerobic sports such as swimming or cycling. With the active lifestyle, the backache will be prevented. For your notice that the lead factors to back pain is lazy lifestyle movement, mostly sleeping or lying down or sitting too much. With aerobic exercise, the body to be healthy.

Please remember that your exercise should not be excessive and must be adapted to your age. For beginners it should start from lighter first and then measured improvement.

2. Diet

One of the risk that causes of low back pain is related to your diet, it’s obesity. On Obesity can occur an accumulation of fat excessive on the abdomen and chest which impacted on your back spine burden compared than a normal person.

Obesity is caused by an unbalanced diet such as fat and carbohydrate intake exceeds the percentage needs per day, so that excessive material will be dumped into fat layer. By reducing consumption of fat and carbohydrate per day and increasing fiber intake of both soluble or insoluble to help prevent obesity. So obesity can reduce the risk of
low back pain.

3. Working Positions

In lifting to the heavy burden must be in precisely where the heaviest burden should be on foot, arm or hand and not on the waist, stomach or back. In reducing the burden, make sure the load is adjusted to your portion. When you sleep, put your foot at the base which is not too soft rather than a flat and little bit harder. Go to bed at night and sleep enough time and take a nap during a day an half hour would be better for your health.

4. Working Activities

Activities at work, lifting weights, sit and sleep accustomed into a healthy lifestyle. The positions of standing or sitting which bending will provoke and affect to your lower back pain. When is inevitable because of demanding of the job, don’t forget to perform relaxation to your tense muscle.

5. Bad Effects of Cigarette and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol are the bad habits. Both of them is usually very difficult to be eliminated. It’s not only because of the influence of additives but also the influence of habits, friendships, and the environment will be very strong against any desire to quit.

Smoking can reduce blood flow to the spinal cord and can cause degeneration of the spine and joint diseases. Meanwhile drinking alcohol in general will reduce the body’s normal functions that can affect the nerve functions. When disturbing nerve function, it will lead to lower back pain.

Therefore, a healthy lifestyle can not be separated from the prevention of back pain, although there are many other factors that cause lower back pain. Try implementing a healthy lifestyle can avoid back pain or backache.

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