Prevent Bony Fracture

Fractures can happen in any causes like Osteoporosis, accident, stressed, Prevent Bone Fracture, trauma, bony tumor and others. The damage due to fracture can be the stability of body skeleton, bony structure, nerve system, ligament, veins, arteries and soft tissue textures.

Actually, fractures can be prevented if not caused by accident or trauma such as :

1. Every Action in Careful Way
Every activity you do with normal action like walking, swimming, dancing, running, sitting and so on. If you feel the road is not smooth, you can wear shoes, sandal or other protections for your foot. Avoid slide by using comfortable shoes.

2, Doing More Exercises or Sport
Please be noticed that sports or exercises can make your bone more stronger and your body balance increase. Every exercise you do to be adjusted with your needs, age and weight. Do not make it in overly.

3. Your House in Brightly and Orderly
This is very important to make your house is brightly and orderly because your activities can be done properly and no dangerously. It is better your surrounding area of house is also clear from disturbing tools. Arranging your houses by The Experts is recommended especially if you are older people.

4. Take Bone Survey Test
This is an x-ray test for your bone structure. It’s recommended to do regularly. Actually, this test is useful to check any abnormalities of your bones like osteoporosis, small fracture, bony density, skeleton intact and so on.

How to Strengthen Your Bones :

Take care your bone is more important than cure it. To make strong and healthy of your bone can keep a number of function and also maintain your whole body.

1. Eat the Enriched Food of Calcium
Food you eat is also concerned. Milk, fruit, shrimps are good food because the have much calcium. If you consume the food mentioned, you should often go out to get sunlight because it’s beneficial for calcium absorption.

The skeleton system can protect and support for important organs for example the heart, brain, chest and kidneys. Your bones are attached to these organs with tendons, muscles and ligaments ligaments.

The other functions for the bones also as absorber organs. However, you must ensure that your bones remain strong and can support of a healthy balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals.

2. How to Improve Bone Strength?

There are some vitamins which’re very important for your body like Magnesium and Vitamin D. They are known for being beneficial to bone health. It is better to take a small amounts but intake more often.

Magnesium is needed for the body. I think 250 – 300 mg of magnesium a day is enough. Vitamin D is taken from the sunlight for about half up to 1 hour every day and also from milk, fruit juice and in multivitamins.

Vitamin D is used to maintain the body’s levels of calcium and phosphorus. Without consume enough Vitamin D, your bones will be become soft, brittle and thin.

This step is better, if you are still younger to take care of your bones because you have a higher chance to avoid osteoporotic process. You know that osteoporosis can decrease density and easier to get fracture.

Do not Do :

The bad habit is smoking that decrease of bone density, so your bones might not get enough nutrition. Consuming a high caffeine is also not good for your bony health.

Bone Density Loss in Women

Natural process for women is to get osteoporosis because of hormones fluctuation during the menopause and pregnancy process after delivery.

This guide is very good advices, if you do these steps, your health significantly better for your bones for the future. Healthy and strong bones mean that you can move without painful and happy in the rest of your life.

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