Medical Surgery or Patient OperationOperation or medical surgery has many meanings in practice. The doctor who performs the medical surgery is called as a Surgeon. Surgeon will perform any operation base on the Physician/ General Practitioner/ other Specialist referral.

Many specialist in these fields such as:

–   Neuro-Surgeon : Specialist who operate, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate of problems related to nervous system, brain, spinal cord, cerebrovarcular system and the other peripheral nerves.

–  Orthopedic-Surgeon: Specialist who treat and correct the bone, back spines and so on.

–   Cardiac-Surgeon : Specialist which operate the heart problems and so on.

–   Plastic Surgeon : Specialist who focus on restoring, reconstructing and correcting the body form and function for better appearance.

Surgery can be done in many methods like plastic, laser, bariatric, general, minor operation up to recovery process with manual or instrumental techniques. The operation maybe simple or complicated procedures depend on the kind of object targets. Laparacopic is known as simple operation. The process time of operation until recovery can take several minutes up to several hours.

Functions of Operation or Surgery as follows:

  1. To help improve the body’s functions.
  2. To remove something that makes the body system disorders.
  3. To investigate any diseases or abnormality.
  4. To make a better appearance.
  5. Its purpose is for religious reasons.

One case of operation can be done with a team which consists of several Specialist to get the optimal result. More complicated procedure is more Specialist within the team.

We have listened about the other kinds of Surgeries like:

– Breast surgery

– Plastic and Endocrine surgery

– Cosmetic surgery

Fertility Surgery

Cancer Surgery such as on rectal area, head, neck and abdomen.

– Hip and Knee operation

– Dental Surgery

– Another kinds of operations.

The best result of operation depends on some reasons like:

  1. Surgeon professionalism.
  2. Facility in the Clinic or Hospital.
  3. High-Tech equipment for surgery process.
  4. Recovery service.
  5. Experience of Surgeon with the kind of operation history.


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