What is the function of PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy is one of medical treatment and used by Doctors or Specialist to cure their patient’s problems. This method is an effective way to treat some patients from surgery and traumatic injury to make them back in normal function and fit health.

The other functions of Physiotherapist:

– Relieve the painful of the patients.
– To teach the patient how to walk or doing recovery process after operation. So, the other word is as Medical Trainer.
– One of the solutions to strengthen the bones.

Recovery treatment needs several weeks or maybe months depending on the disease or the goal which set by Physiotherapist. Regular schedule is made to make the patient’s back to normal. If you’re a busy people must adjust your timetable with this process until your medication done.

Some information which needed by Physiotherapist before treatment like:

– Detailed data and medical history from the patient. It’s usually provided by the Doctors, Nurses, Hospital or the Division that requested for physiotherapy.

– Complete assessment for the patient’s conditions like initial problems, post operation, medical procedures or previous steps of treatment.

– Keep communication before, ongoing and after treatment of physiotherapy to make the recovery process is effective and make comfortable for the patient.

– Sometimes, Physiotherapist will give information how to continue or allow the treatment in their patient’s home by themselves. It’s usually related with therapeutic massage and walking therapy.

– Diagnostic result is also important sources for the next treatment such as from x-ray & MRI, CT Scan, ultrasound and so on.

Object of Physiotherapy process:

Fractured bones and dislocation that involving wearing a cast for some weeks.

– Muscles problems which lose of flexibility, rupture fully of partially and physiotherapy has task to restore it.

– Help the unbalanced naturally with strength training exercises.

– Variations of the other problems and diseases.

Physiotherapy focuses of physical objects and doing as comprehensive treatment that related with limitation of body functions, impairments and other problems of functions restrictions. Of course by undergoing of physiotherapy your problems will relieve faster without drugs medications. Combination solution with drugs intake is better.

For your addition that the best Physiotherapist if they have complete science of patient anatomy, physiology, pathology and psychology. Physiotherapy has no side effects for the patient if treated properly and sometimes using the right tools or equipment for treating the problems.


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