Barium Enema ImageBarium Enema test is one of the x-ray examination. The patient is instructed to make in comfortable position and injected of  Contrast agent up to intestinal tract (colon organs) with cannula via rectum.

Contrast media is important to see any mucosal abnormalities in the bowel until rectum region. Visualization of the colon segments with several positions like prone (stomach closed to the table), supine (face-up position), oblique up to erect projections.

Barium Enema or Colon Inloop can detect any diseases such as:

1. Lymphoma of the ileum

2. Carcinoma of the ileum

3. Tuberculous Ileitis

4. The most common structural disease of the colon

5. Peritonitis

6. Complications of diverticular diseases like diverticulitis, obstruction,  fistulization, hemorrhage.

7. Ulcerative colitis

8. Crohn’s Colitis

9. Ischemic Colitis

10. Polypoid lesion

11. etc.

Radiologist who performs of Barium Enema test would be carefully to regulate the pressure  so that perforation of the colon will not occur. The ultimate purpose is every square centimeter of the colon must be visualized in adequate image quality.

For suspicious area in the colon should be adjusted with the suitable position of the patient or reprint with magnificent image.

Sigmoid colon is also one of the most target of the diseases such as abscess, diverticular diseases, and the other pathologies.

Diverticulitis usually remains confined as paracolic abscess. Colonic obstruction may occur acutely  if significant inflammatory narrowing and spasm are present.

Any abnormality on the colon should be measured and visualized of the places. So, if any further surgery needed due to the malignancy process, the patient has to be explained in detail.

Procedure information such as:

1. Preparation Procedure

2. Ongoing Process

3. Side Effects

4. Percentage of Success

5. Follow-up Treatment

6. Medication Steps

For your info that Barium Enema is:

– Using serial plain films or digital film of the lower abdomen

– Continuous exposure like Fluoroscopy sometimes still used.

– Water-soluble contrast enema is usually used to avoid irritation and allergy of the patient.

– Colon Inloop is still using x-ray radiation in intermittent exposure that operated by X-Ray Technician and Radiologist.

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