Acupuncture Benefits as Effective TreatmentAcupuncture is one of the ways to treat your health problems. It’s currently categorized as Medical treatment in Hospital or Clinic and has been practiced in worldwide reach. If someone hear about acupuncture will remind about needle or puncture. That’s true. It can be described as the process of inserting the fine needles into body’s surface to influence physiological functioning for the body.

Someone who doing or have special skills for acupuncture treatment is known as Acupuncturist. Before they practice for this field, they have learn about body anatomy, human physiological functions, acupuncture points, balancing theory about body to help curing the illness, theory about pulse, blood circulation, energy force and heart function. Many types of acupuncture needles are also learn and practiced to make an effective treatment. Meridians channel is also the object of experiments.

Practice of acupuncturist using the disposable needles with varying of width of shaft, length and also the shape of head. Using of once every needle to avoid cross infection and controlling the spread of infection from somebody else. How to insert the needle and different insertion knowledge with different angle are implemented in the surface of skin. The other purpose is also to avoid the swelling sensation and painful.

Every Government in the world has issued the medical regulation about how to manage biohazard safely for patient, Acupuncturist and also for environment. Using needle in once is one of the target this regulation.

There are 2 techniques to insert the needles. The first is by Raising, Thrusting, Twirling (Rotation), Plucking & scraping after needles inserted and the second one is Trembling or Vibration technique. Acupuncturist will choose one and tailored with the disease and ailment of the patient. The other technique that also used by Acupuncturist is Cupping. This method is to complement the previous methods by stimulating the acupuncture points and applying the suction via a metal, woods or glass. Blood flow in this method is influenced and stimulated.

The Ailments or Diseases which objects of Acupuncture treatment:

1. Soft tissue injury, sprain like at ankle, backache, pleura effusion/pleuritis, chronic Bronchitis, etc.

2. Acupuncture can cure wide of ailments such as arthritis, stomachache, neck pain, allergy, chest pain and so on.

3. Handle psychological disorders and emotional unbalanced.

Nowadays, acupuncture treatment has become popular and to be the alternative medication for many diseases. As long as it’s safe and useful for curing the problems, it’s always the best solution for you. The popularity of acupuncture is part of appreciation from western countries because it does the holistic medication of human health.

You must understand how Acupuncture works:

1. Acupuncture can enhance levels of specific hormones, gamma globulins, white blood counts, triglycerides, prostaglandins and also anti body level.

2. Acupuncture has role to stimulate of the endorphins secretions in human body.

3. Affecting in certain level of neurotransmitter.

4. Constricting and dilating of blood vessels.

5. Influencing and regulating the nervous system that related with pain perception and also for small nerve fibers to stimulate the pain impulse.

Acupuncture has improved in practice dramatically for the future prospect, Its purpose is to make acupuncture more effective in treatment and maintain the better of your whole health of mind and body.
The disadvantages of acupuncture is no using of drugs and medical operations because acupuncture only focus on the balancing of overall health conditions without those above mentioned.


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