Cholecystitis Our small organ, pear-shape sac which attached in liver and we call it gall bladder, sometimes make us severe painful and unfeeling well. Besides stone and worm inside there is also inflammatory process in the gall bladder wall.

What is the main cause of Cholecystitis?

Cholelithiasis or gall bladder stone is main cause of cholecystitis. The other causes are like sludge within the gall bladder, trauma that hit the organ, influence from other infected organ such as from bowel, stomach or diaphragm, etc. Be careful if you’re overweight, it tends to irritate and can block your bile duct gall bladder due to your fat layer thickness.

Is it serious problem? Yes of course if you feel symptoms like below:

1. Sharp pain in upper right abdomen, radiated to your right shoulder, back pain and also uncomfortable of your stomach like maag problem or stomachache. With these condition your daily activities will be disturbed and in the night during your sleep, you will suddenly wake-up due to the colic problem.

2. Some symptoms could follow the Cholecystitis such as fever above 38 degree Celcius, vomiting, painful 2 hours after meal. Loss of appetite because you are afraid sharp pain after having meal.

3. The other sufferer, the feces maybe brown color, yellow skin (jaundice) if the  stone blocked the bile duct system and the other complications.

How to detect Cholecystitis?

1. Physical test is done at 1st and then Abdominal ultrasound is used to see inflammatory process of gall bladder. The wall will be thickness due to infection process. Radiologist or Sonographer usually measure the size of gall bladder wall. On the ultrasound image like white sign. In the normal limit, the wall of gall bladder is not thick and very smooth.

2. Laboratory test is also the other choice. Your white blood count, bilirubin increase level, LDH, lipase, AST are tested. The abnormality of the laboratory results will be used to support the result of ultrasound.

How to treat Cholecystitis?

Every treatment given to Cholecystitis should be  based on the steps of anti pain (analgetic), anti inflamation, decreasing the fever, destroying the galls stone, etc.

Below is not the appropriate steps to tackle cholecystitis, but a guidance in generally:

1. Your Doctor will take you hospitalized if you diagnosed acute cholecystitis. Surgery become the option if there is emergency situation. Small surgery and localized system is used to avoid the big operation and only small cut in your upper right abdomen area. I often see some people can live normally without gall bladder, but they should follow the Doctor’s advice about something to be DO and DON’t.

2. If infection to be the main cause, your Doctor will prescribe you antibiotics to reduce inflammation and pain killer to decrease your sharp pain.

3. If there is any stone inside the gall bladder, some medicine is given to dissolve gall stone within duration steps.

Chronic Cholecystitis can influence your soft tissue, ligament, tendon or muscle surrounding area. If those organs attached to your spine, it can make backache. So, it’s related to your nerve that’s from the other infected organ (gall bladder inflammation) but not from the thoracal spine problem it self.

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