Sinus x-rayHi mother..  in this moment, I will try to explain about the reasons why your Doctor send you to do Sinus x-ray at Radiology department.

Some of your symptoms are like dizzy, prolong flu, migraine, pain on the face, getting trauma, headache, nose blockage, liquid running nose, a lot of mucus, nose bleeding, foreign body, etc.

Based on the its requisition, X-Ray Technician will make 3 positions as Basic Standard Views. Water’s, PA (Postero-Anterior) and Lateral positions. With these positions, we can see from them such as facial bones, 4 sinuses (maxillary, sphenoid, frontalis and ethmoidalis), nasal septum,  orbita, zigomaticum, mandible, teeth and so on.

What is Sinus x-ray for?

Many abnormalities or diseases can be noted with these views like sinusitis (partial or complete sinusitis), polyp, allergy, septum deviation, nodule, fracture on the face, liquid level inside and the others. Sinusitis is an inflammatory process on the sinus.

Sinusitis or other abnormalities happen because of:

1. Infection or Inflammation on the nose or throat.

2. Environment factors like pollution (water, air, hot gas, etc).

3. Trauma or accident on the face/nose areas.

4. Allergy you suffered for long time.

5. Infection from your teeth and would spread to your sinus which located on the above.

6. Any foreign body or tumor inside.

7. Many others which I don’t mention in here.

Your ENT Specialist will give you some remedy options such as antibiotic, rinse to your sinus, operation, steam inhalation and the others. All actions depend on your problems.

If you suspected as Sinusitis, please avoid drinking ice, fried food and smoking until you feel healthy again. I think warm drinking is good way to cure your pain or you can learn how to make your sinus relief from sinusitis, allergy or asthma.

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