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Information About Operation or Medical Surgery

Medical Surgery or Patient OperationOperation or medical surgery has many meanings in practice. The doctor who performs the medical surgery is called as a Surgeon. Surgeon will perform any operation base on the Physician/ General Practitioner/ other Specialist referral.

Many specialist in these fields such as:

–   Neuro-Surgeon : Specialist who operate, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate of problems related to nervous system, brain, spinal cord, cerebrovarcular system and the other peripheral nerves.

–  Orthopedic-Surgeon: Specialist who treat and correct the bone, back spines and so on.

–   Cardiac-Surgeon : Specialist which operate the heart problems and so on.

–   Plastic Surgeon : Specialist who focus on restoring, reconstructing and correcting the body form and function for better appearance.

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Acupuncture Benefits as Effective TreatmentAcupuncture is one of the ways to treat your health problems. It’s currently categorized as Medical treatment in Hospital or Clinic and has been practiced in worldwide reach. If someone hear about acupuncture will remind about needle or puncture. That’s true. It can be described as the process of inserting the fine needles into body’s surface to influence physiological functioning for the body.

Someone who doing or have special skills for acupuncture treatment is known as Acupuncturist. Before they practice for this field, they have learn about body anatomy, human physiological functions, acupuncture points, balancing theory about body to help curing the illness, theory about pulse, blood circulation, energy force and heart function. Many types of acupuncture needles are also learn and practiced to make an effective treatment. Meridians channel is also the object of experiments.

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Ultrasound of testicular cancer and male genital areaTesticles are the important organ of men to produce sperm. Many diseases or abnormalities can happen in this organ like cyst, inflammation, cancer, tumor and so on. Scrotum and testicles are parts of soft tissue organ under the pelvic area. Cancer on the testicles is the disease that avoided by the men because it influences the coitus process and makes it painful.

Ultrasound or ultrasonography is one of the best tools for detecting cancer on the testis. The picture on the monitor of computer is from reflection of the waves by scrotum and testicles. The images of cancer is very specific like coiled long tube tightly due to projection of the back of the both testicles. Sonogram can also observe of the vas deferens and sperm or collected epididymis that connected with prostatic glands to the testicles.

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