Chronic Cough imageCoughing is very common for people, but chronic cough should be suspected as a problem. Chronic cough is not a disease but it’s a symptom or a sign of something wrong inside your body.

There is a disease that causes of chronic cough. Please be careful if you suffer the symptom like this. Some people will take flu drugs to decrease chronic cough and it’s better to check if it attacks you more than 2 weeks.

Causes of Chronic Cough

1. Infections

Lung infections can make the chronic cough such as Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, pneumothorax, etc. These infections are from virus, bacteria or germs that spread from respiratory system.

2. Asthma

Chronic cough is also from asthma. Narrowing of trachea channel and difficult to breath is the characteristic of asthma sufferer. Asthma could worsen if followed by air pollution and cold air condition.

3. Sinusitis

Inflammation process in our sinuses is called sinusitis. It could be happen on maxillary sinus, sphenoid, frontalis or ethmoidalis. Sinusitis can make the sufferer not only chronic cough is also dizziness for long time.

4. Smoking

Smoking is a common cause of chronic cough. Nicotine and smoke effects can influence of respiratory tract health.

5. Special Drugs

Some drugs can cause chronic cough like drug for hypertension which taken for long time,  ace inhibitor and so on.

6. Other Causes

Lung cancer or tumor can also cause the chronic cough.

How to Detect and Treat Chronic Cough

1. Sinusitis can be seen via Paranasal Sinuses x-ray. 3 views of sinus is taken to visualize of sinusitis, septum deviation, bony structure, concha hypertropy, polyp, sign of fracture, etc. These positions such as Waters, PA (Postero-Anterior) and lateral one. Using decongestant, antibiotic, antihistamine drug can overcome sinusitis with Doctor’s prescription.

2. Chest x-ray can detect any disease within lung area like Bronchitis, Pneumonia or Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Lateral view is needed to check any lesion or tumor which suspected by frontal view. Inflammation drug and antibiotic are to cure these infections. Analgesic treatment is also taken to decrease of chest complaints.

3. Smoking should be stopped if chronic cough doesn’t disappear and it has some harmful effects.

4. Asthma is difficult to see via chest x-ray because it attacks on respiratory tract that’s mean it soft tissue and not air or bone structure. Spyrometry test is appropriate to test asthma.

5. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is also the cause of chronic cough because of back flow from gastric acid to esophageal tract.

6. If diagnosis result can be uphold, you should see any Specialist related the problem such as :

– Respiratory tract problems to see ENT Specialist.

– Lung disease problems to see Lung Specialist.

– GERD problems to see Internist,

– etc.

7. To avoid chronic cough, please keep away or use mask if talking with someone or friend suspected with diseases above mentioned.

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