Neck PainMany of mother and her family come to my Hospital due to their neck pain. They do not know about the causes. Some of them complain about their shoulders pain. They told me that they never got the trauma before.

Please be noted that if you feel neck pain without injury, the main causes of it is postural problems. The other causes are like arthritis, ligament and muscle twisted during your sleep. Mother often blames a cold atmosphere if she feels severe neck pain after wake-up.

Neck x-ray or Neck MRI/CT-Scan can detect the problems of your neck pain. You can see any abnormalities of the neck bones such as Osteoarthrosis, narrowing of the foramen, Lordosis of the neck, degenerative of the disc, etc.

You should know that your neck is made up seven bones called vertebre. The vertebre are separated from each other by disc, stabilized by ligaments and moved by muscles. Because of the neck is so mobile, it’s easily damaged. Sometimes you do not realize the reason of the neck pain.

Bad posture can cause your neck pain. Ligament are over-stretched, muscle become tired, neck joint and nerves are put under pressure. It would impact on your shoulders. I know most the mother beside take care of the children & husband and also working in the office or have daily activities outside the home. Sitting and working for long periods with the same position can tend cause or worsen neck pain.

How to prevent the neck pain?

– Please sit on correct position. Avoid bending over a desk when you read or write.

– Adjust your computer monitor to your eye level and also your view mirror if you sitting straight.

– Straight and relax. Support your head with one pillow when you sleep. You keep it your head in a level position. Too many pillows can make “kink” in your neck in the morning.

– Keep your neck joints and muscle flexible and strong with correct neck exercises. It should be done regularly and with little pain is still OK.

Neck Pain Treatments

The next question : “How about the neck pain treatment?”

* Base on my experience the Doctor/Specialist will prescribe you with pain killer or other medicine for short period. It including for the Arthritis problems.

* The patient will be given a course of exercise to mobilize stiff joints in the neck or supporting muscle. Mother who received the paper of exercise have to practice it at home to speed-up neck pain recovery.

* I think the other recommended treatment is Physiotherapy. But it depend on the causes. I’m sure Physiotherapist know about the right treatment. They will use the ways like electromagnetic wave, ultrasound therapy, electrical treatment, traction, massage, correction posture, mobilization or therapeutic exercises depending on the causes.

I just give you the information which I know from my experience but for the detail you can consult with your Doctor.

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