Fracture and Dislocation ImageFracture and dislocation is often happen together or separately in the accident or falling down. If you feel pain, bruise, blue sign and accompanied by sound on your bone or bony joint, it’s suspected for fracture or maybe dislocation.

For joint pain is usually with sensation of discomfort, inflammation and stiffness. Fracture and dislocation need fast response and treatment to avoid the further complications.

Why do You Need Speed Action?

If your fracture and dislocation are not handled in appropriate and fast treatment, these conditions would result the problems like infection, malignancy and abnormal process.

Another emergency matters such as bleeding, patient shock and open wound that needs dressing and anti infection (anti tetanus) treatment in Hospital or Clinic.

What Diagnostics to Detect Fracture and Dislocation?

1. X-ray Examination (Radiologic Procedure)

It is the simplest and easiest ways to diagnose bony fracture and dislocation. Some people with severe fracture will use fixation or immobilization tools to avoid the worsening problems. Horizontal x-ray tube is used to minimize the patient’s movements.

X-ray test can detect any problems like open fracture, simple close fracture, complex fracture, hairline fracture, chips fracture, greenstick fracture and oblique fracture. Simple joint dislocation and complex dislocation are also can be seen by x-ray procedure.

2. Ultrasound

Ultrasound is also good diagnostic tool to see any other impacts of fracture and dislocation especially for soft tissue, ligament, vein, artery and so on. The diseases and abnormalities that can be seen by ultrasound like bursitis, edema, inflammation, rupture, deep vein thrombosis, etc.

Ultrasound is not clear result as x-ray test to visualize of bony structure and dislocation but it’s very effective way to diagnose the side effects related to muscle, ligament and soft tissue organs.

Treatment Methods

– If the condition and position of bone are good, I think fixation is enough with another medications like giving pain killer, anti inflammation and etc.

– Undergo operation is needed to install pen & wire, traction or internal fixation by Surgeon.

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