Menopause Symptoms ImageSome mothers will get problems facing the end of menstruation as we call it “Menopause”. Every woman is different with another but most of them occurs between the ages of 45 to 55 with average age around 50.

To describe the condition of the last period, the female become irregular and the body adjust for reducing the level of hormones.  The process would take time 2 – 5 years or maybe longer.

The female hormones like Progestogen and Oestrogen will automatically decline and finally stop and not produced anymore by the ovary due to the the complete task of maturing age.

Role of Natural Hormones Therapy on Menopause Symptoms

Be attention that you are a female because your menopause can happen earlier than average women generally due to you have disease of diabetes, a maniac smoker, have never got pregnant, a vegetarian, have a short of period cycle or you stay a place above 4000 meters.

There are some unpleasant problems if you reached menopause such as:

1. You feel lower libido and sleep disorders.

2. The problems of mood swings, tiredness, forgetful, not concentration, hot flush, depression and headache.

3. The other body disorders like muscle and bone aches, palpitation and weight gain.

Natural hormone therapy that mentioned as Bioidentical Hormones can alleviate the menopause symptoms. Bioidentical hormones are produced using the materials from plants such as soy and wild yam. Why is it effective treatment? Yes, because their chemical molecular structure is the same with body’s hormones. So, there is no unpleasant or dangerous side effect.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is very important things that benefits to the women like :

– Can enhance menopausal symptoms for example sleep disturbance, memory problem and hot flush.

– Can protect cardiovascular system in the body and prevent declining of brain function.

– Can balance your mood and improve the libido or sexual health.

– Can restore of your body’s hormones balance to its nature.

– Can decrease of osteoporosis.

To make your therapy effective and efficient, your hormone level should be observed in regular basis in 3 or 6 months until found the proper hormone level in your body.

Choose the Medical Expert that’s familiar with Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to get the maximum result. The dose that given to the woman varies to other one. Testing should be done to find the precise application.

Here are the other ways to improve your estrogen metabolism naturally by dietary supplementation with vitamin B12, estrodim, omege 3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, moderate amount of organic soy and also flax lignans.

Don’t forget to exercise regularly and avoid environmental toxins that contaminated by pesticides.

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