Soft Tissue Injury ImageSoft tissue injury is often caused by sport activity, car accident, challenging job, wrong exercise or daily tasks. Actually, this problem is very common to everybody.

If you get this experience, you will feel painful, resulting swelling, redness sign and sometimes open wounded. To respond this condition, you will be taken to the Clinic or Hospital and to be treated fast and properly to avoid spreading of infection. This case can happen on the legs, hands, neck, pelvic, abdomen, head or the other part of the body.

Using Diagnostic Tools

Doctors are usually to do diagnostic examination first to ensure whether it is soft tissue injury only or involving any broken & dislocations, compression fractures and so on. X-ray test becomes the first choice to check soft tissue injury. If there is no sign of abnormality on the bone structure, the Doctor’s diagnosis is focus the problems on the tendons, muscles, ligaments, nerves, arteries and veins.

The next diagnostic tools are like Ultrasound, MRI, CT-Scan or the others. With these tools will be known some diseases like sprain, twisted, bursitis, rupture, blood flow obstruction, edema or the other abnormalities that related with soft tissue’s problem category.

Pain Management Tools

Soft tissue injury needs some supports and fixation to make a better condition or to speed-up recovery. There are several tools that Doctor’s recommended such as:

–         Neck support

–         Waist and Body Corsets

–         Knee and Calf Supports

–         Medical Stocking

–         Chest Corsets

–         Shoulder and Arm Hanger

–         Foot Support and Ankle Bandage

–         First Aid Kits

–         Wheelchair

–         Magnetic Vandage

–         Orthopedic Pillow

–         Elbow Protector

–         Etc

Soft tissue injury is commonly found on the joint regions like elbow, ankle, knee, wrist, back spines and so on. Sprain or strain is very familiar problem on the joint because of stretching and tearing of soft tissue areas.

Inflammation of tendon or ligament is the impact of soft tissue injury. With superficial organs Doppler ultrasound, soft tissue injury can be detected properly. The other negative effects are like Deep Vein Thrombosis, thrombus, tendonitis, etc.

If you are very tired, please do not force to do exercises or sports because it will increase risk of soft tissue injury. Prevention is better than cure it, isn’t it?

Recovery process of soft tissue injury doesn’t take long time, maybe around 2 weeks up to 1 month except involving open wounded but if there is any fracture or disclocation would take long time. It could be 1-2 month period of healing.

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