Ankle SprainIf you like sport, ankle sprain can occur easily. Sometimes we call it “strain”.  Sprained ankle will damage your ligaments which bind the bones of your ankle joint.

The stretch of your ligament capacity exceeds the normal limits then small bleed inside the skin. Ligament could be completely torn. Strong constructed or sudden twist is often happen by runner or jumper.

The Symptoms of Sprained Ankle is:

1. Pain if you walk or move your leg.

2. There are swelling and bruising in injured area of ankle joint.

3.  Tenderness, loss of power and unstable.

4.  Muscle spasm.

Ankle sprain is very common for children, adult or maybe elderly. The active people who like sport tend to get ankle injury.

How to detect it?

MRI, CT-Scan and x-ray of ankle joint can see the ankle sprains. Some Doctors if do not find the fracture site of ankle area will send the patient to do Doppler ultrasound. With this examination, it can notice any abnormalities of ankle injury like rupture, edema (fluid collection), bursitis in partial of completely.

Some treatments for sprained ankle as follows:

1. Take a rest.

You must try it to make recovery soon. Please use crutches if you got severe ankle sprain.

2. Using Ice

With icepack will reduce swelling and pain. Compress your ankle area about 10-30 minutes within 24 hours.

3. Compression usage and Elevated.

Elastic bandage to support your ankle and not too tight. To make swelling decrease you can put your leg higher than your body (heart position).

4. Physiotherapy

This method is also recommended to make your twisted ankle back to normal. The Physiotherapist will give you special exercise to prevent stiffness.

5. Take Pain Killer

You can request this medicine to your Doctor or buy on Pharmacy store. If the pain disappear, you can stop using pain killer.

Based on my experience, if  you only suffer sprained ankle, maybe recovery time only take 2-4 weeks, but besides ankle sprain you also suspected ankle fracture, the recovery time will take long time. It could be 1,5-3 months depend on your age. Children is faster than adult even though for elderly mother.

Please see your Podiatrist or Orthopedist to consult your ankle sprain problems.

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