More Healthy & Balanced LifestyleMany challenges of people who reside in the big cities nowadays. They work so hard and must also manage their activities with balancing of their body’s health and mind. Complete steps should be taken for their mental, physical and social matters.

Their mental and mind have to be kept in healthy perspective for supporting their brain performance. The roles of brain are really complicated such as influencing the behavior, walking, eating, every action, thinking, speaking, emotion and so on. This characteristic is common for human being.

We are happy if our emotion can be controlled and managed appropriately. Keep these emotions far away like sadness, anger, uncontrolled emotion and fear. Happiness and love the keys of balancing mind and physically.

There are Tips and Tricks how to make more healthy and balanced lifestyle:

1. Stay Active Learning

Watching, reading and learning for new knowledge and perspective can enhance intellectual stimulation and finally can boost enjoyable and can make rational decisions.

2. Keep Smiling

Smile is the sign of your mind. It can strength your brain ability on positive thinking, social interaction, empathy and good mood.

3. Meditation or Yoga

I think 10 – 15 minutes is enough for meditation or yoga can give the strength and positive impacts for your thinking process, relaxation and psychological health. If you do this way, please reduce your smoking and alcohol intake because it’s really harmful for your healthy.

4. Religion

Every religion is good for the health of their followers. Our belief can also give significant impacts to our lives.  Faith is equal with the hope and promises.

5. Connection with Others

Dialogue and communication result can give the harmony and peace for your life. This positive stimulations is considerable as brain nutrition.

6. Exercises

Exercise is of course the part of strengthening the body. Active movement and yoga are the perfect combinations for your body and brain.

7. Rest and relax

Keep away from your hectic and stressed. Take vacation to country side, beach and mountain is the example of rest and relax.

The tips and tricks above have an effective result if implemented regularly and scheduled. Do not hope the instant result. Make it in daily or monthly activities.


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