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In this moment, I would like to explain you about the cancer therapy with targeted radiation.

Cancer is the disease that most feared by anyone today. There is a perception that patient who suffering from cancer will face a death sentence. Although the cancer if can be detected since the early stages, the disease can be cured. Even at an advanced stage, the cancer can be just a chronic illness. In other words, you will need treatment to control that disease. So the cancer is no longer a fatal disease which leaves only a few months but can be treated for a live longer.

Usually people with cancer will feel pain when they undergo treatment to overcome the disease or in case of advanced-stage cancer’s patients, to prolong their lives. Actually there has been significantly improved quality of life of the patients with cancer after so many research in the last 10 years. One of the reasons an increase in quality of life is significant changes because we have had many treatments that can be used to counter the side effects of chemotherapy.

Tomo Therapy (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) by using the HI-ART therapy that can provide treatment with an appropriate dose to tumor or cancer and provide only minimal radiation to healthy soft tissue of your body. Using Computed tomography image, the radiation Oncologists and Therapists can determine the location of the cancer in the body of the patient before treatment took place. Then give a precise radiation therapy and without pain with customization by careful planning.

Please note that the cancer patient’s recovery is determined by:

1. Expert Physicians experienced, highly skill until treatment is done.

2. Patient factors.

3. Determined by God.
If the cancer treatment in the Hospital must have 3 Specialists who handle the medical Onklogi Expert (Expert in Chemotherapy), Radiotherapy and Oncology Surgeon. The maximum results will be obtained with comprehensive care.

Currently, a good cancer treatment is not a comprehensive treatment but drugs that are given with targeted agents. In other words, the drug is only effective for certain types of cancer within a certain genetic profile. Patients should be informed in clear and complete information about this procedures. The experts who deal with patients like this should not be lied or covered up.

Tomo Therapy tools that emit radiation image-guided modulated intensity and directed to a specific area. This method is not only preventing the patient who received wider exposure to radiation, but also reducing the risk of cancer care in sensitive areas, for example in the area of the spinal cord. So Tomo Therapy only emit radiation that is really limited to targeted areas while protecting healthy tissue.

There is also a Guide to gentle and Non-toxic healing for cancer as an excellent source of information who looking for into alternative treatment. It’s thorough, well organized and accurate. People shouldn’t wait to get cancer in their family suffer from it in order to get informed on the efficient, painless treatments and prevention of this disease.

If you are healthy, learn this Book to keep your health and refrain from becoming part of the “War on Cancer”. It’s also a great info for second opinion.

I hope this article is useful to Mothers, families and relatives as an alternative cancer treatment.

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