Save Your Bone from Osteoporosis NowYou should know earlier that osteoporosis is really dangerous for your health and activities. Why? Yes, because the bad sides of osteoporosis will influence your daily activities, job, exercise, performance and so on. So, save your Bone from Osteoporosis now!

Actually, osteoporosis is commonly happen for elderly people in the world but can attack you earlier if you do not care and treat it properly. Osteoporosis is a weakening and thinning of your bone in deterioration process. This skeleton becomes fragile or likely to fracture.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Your bones are significantly thinned and getting fracture without unclear or any obvious causes. The broken bones can be happen on wrist joint, spines, legs, ribs, hip or pelvic region or another bone. To see your bone is categorized as osteoporosis or not, you should check it with x-ray or MRI examinations.

Those equipment can detect clearly for your bony density or homogenous pattern. Sometimes, the degenerative process is only localized but can be totally. If osteoporosis attacks on your spine, the size and contour of your vertebre disc would change. Progressive changes could make the alignment of your back spines like scoliosis, kyfosis or lordosis.

Some people who have a greater risk of osteoporosis:

1. Consume in low calcium or vitamin D for long time.

2. Women who got menopause before the age of 45.

3. Of course the Smoker with high level of cigarette every day.

4. Older age people for male and female.

5. The one with low bone mineral density.

6. If you have family history of osteoporosis.

7. Female gender because of delivery and menstrual process.

8. Drink high alcohol.

9. Lack of exercise and bad rest for longer time.

10. Too thin body. Less nutrition can influence the bone density.

If you got Osteoporosis, there are the side effects like:

1. Pain. Fracture or broken bone is really painful and radiated to other organs. Severe pain ca be weeks or months if not treated fast and properly.

2. Increasing of mortality. Why? Because your osteoporosis will affect another disease surrounding osteoporosis area such as infection, cancer, osteoarthritis, drop of hope and motivation, etc.

3. Loss of Height. If your scoliosis is suffered by your spine from neck, thoracal or lumbar spines.

4. Dependant People. This is not good if you live alone without any money. You will ask for any help for medical care, family, son or other people to support your daily activities.

Follow these Steps How to Prevent Osteoporosis

1. Check your bone with various test of x-ray and get result from Radiologist. He will explain in written letter about your bone whether it’s still normal or any osteoporotic process.

2. Further test with Serum bone marker. High level result indicated that you have a higher risk of future fracture for your bone.

3. Reduce your smoking and alcohol. I know these ways can make your mind relax and rest but the impact for long period is not healthy for you.

4. Regular exercise with weight bearing and consistent is wonderful step to strength your bone.

5. Consume adequate calcium and vitamin D.

6. If you got menopause, it will be worth to drink milk with high calcium.

7. If you have taken steroids for long medication, it’s better to consult to your Doctors about the side effects of osteoporosis.

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Keep away from Osteoporosis now!


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