4D Ultrasound Image4D ultrasound is commonly associated with most mothers who get pregnancy but for your additional info that the machine can also be used to check another parts of the body such as neck sonography, abdomen, soft tissue areas, upper and lower extremities with conventional or Doppler system.

Baby within the uterus is the main target for 4D ultrasound equipment. Almost Developed countries has been installed in their Hospitals or Clinics to improve a quality of their service to the patients. Of course especially dedicated to mother’s satisfaction.

What is 4D Ultrasound For

1. This machine is using an advanced innovative technology from 2D and 3D ultrasound with beautiful, good quality and detailed pictures.

2. Mothers or patients can get CD-R or DVD and can be brought home and can easily shared to their friends, relatives and family using personal computer. Patients are usually offered by  black and white images (high glossy photo paper) besides CD-R or DVD. Sonographer can make it in DVD with moving Video format.

3. No negative effects and radiation exposure by using 4D ultrasound although you did many times. Ultrasound is tottaly different with x-ray test. X-ray examination is using radiation exposure.

4. Development pre-natal after 20 weeks in uterine is better images for 4D ultrasound because Sonographer can evaluate and analyze the baby’s internal organs.

5. Any abnormalities of the baby can be detected well like Down Syndrome, certain baby defects, amniocentesis and so on. So, this machine is the safest and accurate prenatal screening.

6. What does it cost? Base on my experience, more older of the baby examined, the longer of test, multiple result of the images like DVD + black and white brought to patient, higher Hospital standard, coveraged by insurance would be the higher package budget.

7. How long the test is taken? It takes time around 10 minutes up to 1 hour depends on the Doctor’s skill, complicated pregnancy and duration of communication between Doctor and patient inside the 4D ultrasound room. Any following procedure and medication would make a longer time.

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