Tinnitus becomes a problem if bothering our daily activities. Actually, tinnitus  is only a temporary problem but if we cannot cope properly it is to be a serious thing.

Most cities have suffered from tinnitus because of many reasons like:

1.  Head injury such as accident and falling down.
2. Excessive alcohol due to a bad habit or personal problem triggered.
3. Fatigue and stress.
4. Smoking and some prescribed drugs.
5. Excessive noise exposure for a long time.
6. Ear infection.
The effects of chronic tinnitus to sufferers will influence one’s concentration, ability to think and peace of mind. It tends to be psychological effect. Tinnitus it self is  not a serious problem actually because it doesn’t pain or deafness but it can be make frustrating.

How To decrease of tinnitus impacts, you can follow the steps below:

1. Background sound treatment, there is a useful treatment, especially for those who having trouble getting to sleep like imsonia, is to have background music playing when retiring at night for example from radio’s sound. Difficult to sleep can also be treated by doing Sleep Optimization Program.
2. To keep away from their attention for tinnitus by undertaking of interesting activities like watching television, card playing, gardening and listening to the music.
3. Using hearing maskers which is a device like a hearing aid worn behind the ear. It tends to counter-balance the tinnitus noise.
4. Doing relaxation techniques and stress management.

There is a Holistic System to eliminate tinnitus naturally by using 5-step method within 2 months and it doesn’t have negative impact. An acute tinnitus should be fast treated accurately to avoid chronic tinnitus.

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