Ultrasound or Ultrasononography or Scanning is the diagnostic tool in Clinic or Hospital to detect any abnormalities or diseases in the patient. This equipment is very useful for Doctors/ Specialist because it explains what happening within the patient’s body.
Mother who ever get pregnancy often doing this machine to check their baby. They will be happy if knew that their baby is normal, healthy and beautiful or handsome via 4D Ultrasound. But they will be sad if knew that the sex is not appropriate with their desire for example they want male baby but the monitor of ultrasound show to them with female baby.

Many advantages we can grab from this machine because :

1. This machine doesn’t use radiation like x-ray¬† machine or CT-Scan. It uses sound wave with a frequency higher than 20.000 Hz is called ultrasound and transmitted well in the abdominal organs or soft tissue but is not transmitted in air-containing organs such as lung or gastrointestinal tract.

2. Patient doesn’t feel pain.So, the patient or someone who does this examination is not traumatic.

3. Almost parts of the body can be examined by this scan like:
  • Pelvic ultrasound is often used by Gynecologist¬† to check the pregnancy mother including urinary bladder, uterus and both adnexa, but for male patient including prostate and urinary bladder.
  • Abdominal ultrasound is to examine the organs such as liver, gall bladder, pancreas, both kidney and spleen.
  • Superficial organs ultrasound containing testicles, thyroid, hands, legs, baby head, breast, etc.
  • Doppler ultrasound is to see any abnormality on the blood vessel, arteries, veins, soft tissue, etc.
The examinations above mentioned are usually done by Radiologist or Sonographer.
The accuracy of the test is considered by :
  1. The skills of Operators (Radiologist, Sonographer or Gynecologist).
  2. Experience of theirs. More time they practice more accurate they get.
  3. Ultrasonographic machine. 4D machine is better than 3D machine or 3D machine is also better than 2D tool. But the more complicated machine is usually followed by the higher price which burdened to the patient.
Please ask to the staff or operator before doing ultrasound examination. Hopefully, we can get the accurate diagnosis with the reasonable price, except we use with the insurance claim.

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