Cystitis imageCystitis is not a dangerous disease if treated properly. But if not, it will recurrent and make another complications for your both kidneys such as Pyelonephritis or worsening to be a Chronic Renal Failure.

Cystitis is generally suffered by women because of any inflammatory process in the urinary bladder. The sufferer of this disease will often feel to urinate while going going back from toilet.

Some of the symptoms are like back pain in the lower area, blood urine, feel burning sensation and so on. Of course, cystitis will influence your work or performance in the office.

Some Causes of Cystitis

Many causes for cystitis like sexual excess, allergy from some drugs, perfume or soap, unsterilized toilet paper, anatomy condition due to the shorter urethra that tends to get infection, genetic factor, etc

How to Detect Cystitis?

1. Urine and Blood Test

Your urine and blood will be analyzed in the Laboratory to make sure whether there is any infection or not. Bacteria of Escherichia Coli is usually the main cause of cystitis.

2. Abdominal ultrasound

Ultrasound can also detect cystitis. The normal sign of bladder in ultrasonography is very smooth and homogenous echotexture with assumption of full bladder condition during examination.

Meanwhile, if cystitis the bladder wall is thickened and irregular sign. Radiologist is really understand to distinguish which one the cystitis or still within normal limit. The kidneys are also checked to make sure there is any negative impacts or not if your bladder suffering cystitis.

3. IVP

IVP (Intra Venous Pyelography) is a good diagnostic tool to detect cystitis because if contrast media fulfill the urinary bladder, it will show the condition of bladder wall. Irregular, sharp border and abnormal sign is shown if there is cystitis.

4. CT-Scan or MRI

Both of the machines above is accurately can detect cystitis but will need more cost comparing with 3 first choices.

How to Cure Cystitis?

1. The simple and cashless ways to cure cystitis is drinking much plain water around 7-8 glasses a day, but sometimes this technique doesn’t work well.

2. Using antibiotic to tackle infection is more effective with accurate dosage.

3. There is also another natural therapy to treat cystitis besides antibiotic due to the side effects like herbal system, flower compress, anti-septic cleaning, juice therapy, etc.

Actually, cystitis is a common disease right now. Men are also the subject of cystitis but it’s rarely case because the urethra of men is very long channel. By knowing what the symptoms and causes, you will avoid it before attack a further complications.

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