HSG Test imageEvery new couples who build as  a new family hope a child birth as soon as possible. The presence of baby would make a happier life in the family including mother, father, grandpa, grandma and also the relatives.

I do understand for mother’s feeling if she hasn’t got a baby after getting marriage for long time.

What is HSG Test?

HSG (HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAPHY) is a special test using x-ray radiation to check any abnormality like fallopian tubes blocking in both sides or partial organ. This primary test is to see any infertility in secondary causes.

When do you do HSG Test?

After getting married is advised not to take any contraception tools to avoid a difficulty of  infertility disorder in the future. After 2 years you have no sign of pregnancy, recommended to check :

– Sperm and ovum analysis at Laboratory. Sperm is checked on the quantity and quality levels.  This is to see whether those cells are fertile or infertile.   This test is primary fertility. If your cells are not fertile base on the laboratory result, the conclusion is you never have a baby.

– If Sperm and Ovum Analysis result is OK or fertile and you have not got a baby yet there is a secondary disorder. If you have taken some tests that Doctor’s (Gynecologist) recommendation and still no sign of pregnancy, you should pray and be patient with your partner.

– Seeing the Doctor is usually begun after 2 years of no sign of pregnancy.

– There are some examinations that to be followed to check secondary infertility like HSG, Laboratory Evaluation, Hydrosonography, Laparascopy, physical examination, fertility factors, etc.

Preparations of HSG

– HSG is done after 9,10 or 11 days after the 1st of menstrual periods with no sexual intercourse experience.

– Analgesic drug is taken 0,5 hour before examination.

– Medical history is asked to ensure about last diseases before like mass, uterus cyst and the other infections. This aim to make everything is no problem during injecting the contrast media. Some diseases existing will make the vaginal bleeding.

– Pubic hair is sometimes cut to keep infection control.

– HSG procedure is little different in every Country and tailored by the needs of Radiologist and x-ray Technician.

Procedure of HSG

  • To visualize a good images, contrast media (water-soluble diatrizoate agent) is injected via catheter or salpingogram into the cervical canal after vaginal visualization with speculum. Contrast media is about 3 – 10 cc depend on the needs and Radiologist analysis. Intermittently exposure will be taken as a pictures (3-5 images) or using fluoroscopic control.
  • Spillage of contrast media will demonstrate of uterine cavity, oviduct, fallopian tube, pelvic peritoneal space bilaterally and so on. Your shape of uterus is also seen such as anteflexion or retroflexion positions.
  • During and after HSG examination, the patient experience of painful or uncomfortable feeling like stomachache. That’s normal one.

HSG Test to Detect and Treat Secondary Infertility

1. HSG can see any obstruction of fallopian tube. Any linking or narrowing of that organ can cause the sperm cannot meet the ovum naturally. Actually, sperm will take a long way before meeting the ovum via vaginal canal – cervix – fallopian tube.

2. HSG can open the minor link canal due to any causes. It means HSG as infertility therapy.

3. Any diseases like mass, myoma uteri, cyst and uterine position can cause infertility. These abnormality can be demonstrated by HSG.

Side Effects of HSG

1. Some women will feel cramp experience after test finished and little bit bleeding.

2. Of course x-ray radiation exposure is the side effect. You can consult with Radiologist about this problem but I think no much radiation exposure is received.

3. Many women or mother will take the risk of HSG due to the advantages compare with the risk.

4. Participation of your couple, full energy, time consume, patience and praying everyday are passed through together to get a baby.

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