What is Abdominal x-ray forI write this post with Title: “What is Abdominal X-ray For? Because many of my patients who come to my Hospital have questions like that.

In this moment, I would like to explain more detail about what all I knew, why many Doctors or Specialists sending their patient to do Abdominal x-ray.

Abdominal x-ray is also known as Plain Abdominal Radiograph because it’s done without preparation or fasting like BNO-IVP, Colon-Inloop, HSG or another diagnostic examinations.

The reasons of making Abdominal x-ray are below:

1. The simplest way to detect any abnormality without preparation if patient feels colic or emergency case in the abdominal area.

2. For some cases Abdominal x-ray is accurate for seeing the radiopaque shadows like stone or the other solid lession within kidney, gall bladder, ureters, urinary bladder or pelvic regions.

3. Abdominal x-ray can be used as the initial indication of disease before continuing with another tests such as ultrasound, MRI, CT-Scan, ECG and so on.

4. Doctors usually use abdominal x-ray together with Laboratory test to analyze of Blood sample, urine, stool or sputum. X-ray and Laboratory is the compliment test for colic or emergency patients.

5. To get the optimum result, it’s advised to do fasting 5-12 hours before examination because some fecal mass, gas or other materials within the bowel can obscure the stone in the abdomen.

What do The Doctors Get from Abdominal X-ray?

1. Air distribution in the large bowel, it’s still within normal limit or not. Any dilatation or obstruction of the intestine organs are because of excessive of gas can cause colic or meteorism.

2. To check any sign of radioopaque stone or another pathologic calcification. Radioopaque stone can be easily detected by Abdominal x-ray except for very small stone or kind of radioluscent shadow.

3. The psoas lines are symmetric or not. This is related with ligament, or other abnormalities in the lower abdomen.

4. The pelvic and lumbar spine are normal or not. Sometimes, the severe pain suffered by patient due to the spine and pelvic bones because of any trauma before that they didn’t realize it.

Please be noted that multiple diagnostic examinations for colic or emergency patients are very important thing to find-out the root of the problem. The accurate diagnosis can influence the medication steps, so the patient can be cured in effective and efficient ways.


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